white prism

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  • white prism – vertical trace – field studies

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    Classical deep synthesis from the minds behind Sky Limousine and Quicksails. Two threads of consciousness intertwining, pulling away, and opening onto the manifold formations of the star grid. Levitating oscillators.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome

  • white prism – reappear – cylindrical habitat modules

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    Phenomenal set of outer-limits synthesizer music from Ben Billington (Quicksails, Tiger Hatchery….) and Josh Burke (Sky Limousine, etc.). Definitely their spaciest outing yet, and one of the best tapes from this batch. White Prism continues their winning streak (after the EXCELLENT field studies tape last year) and builds on their foundation with two side-long pieces that paint an abstract, utopian logan’s run reality for the listener. They have this amazing, almost “straightforward” style that just makes this tape so LISTENABLE; there are plenty of beautiful, fluid changes and tastefully sprinkled textures. Everything is in EXACTLY the right place, but nothing is predictable or stale. Side A explores deeper interplanetary float, even getting into killer Raicevic territories at times (the ten-minute mark on this side kills me every time) and Side B is more of a sparkling tapestry of almost new age-y warmth. Overall an amazing tape to keep coming back to. Edition of 100 on transparent red tapes.