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  • white rainbow- gnarchives vol. 1 – gnar tapes and shit

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    Adam Forkner has been performing, recording, and releasing music for almost two decades, but if you’re reading this you’re probably already well aware of that. You’re probably also well aware that he’s toured with Dirty Projectors, Devendra Banhart, Deerhunter, Little Wings, Calvin Johnson etc. You probably also know he’s released his music through Kranky, K Records, Marriage Records, Gnar Tapes and a multitude of others. You probably have the last two tapes he released through Gnar, or at least the mp3s, and you’re probably going to buy this one. Compiling unreleased tracks recorded from 2007-2010, this tape is heavy on ambient guitar work though tabla drum jams and electric boogies are laced within. If you like anything this man has released for the past five years, you’ll be stoked to hear songs that weren’t included on his last few albums; there’s only so many ten-minute-songs you can fit on a vinyl. Another long player from the longest player of all.
    (Tracks: beelievee it if you need it / doing the doobie shit sandwich / ARE YOU STILL SATISFIED WITH LIFE AS A WHOLE / darker drift / new new shits / FUNNY DOGGIE BOWZER BUSY / slow air blood / gugugugugu / DARK TABLA TROUBLE / spring jump tests / newagemoogs / townloungemarch232006)