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  • x.y.r. – mental journey to b.c. – not not fun

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    Russian Federation ambient fantasist Vladimir Karpov aka X.Y.R. (aka Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja) usually frames his decaying Soviet analog synthesizer pieces within “illusory worlds” – lost cities of gold (El Dorado), polar oblivion (Arktika), deserted equatorial islands (Robinson Crusoe: Lost Soundtrack) – but his latest collection less conjures a place than a time. The mood of Mental Journey To B.C. is pre-human: obscure landscapes hissing in the heat, shimmering in the dark, uninhabited, unreal. Humid loops of Formanta Mini and smoke-ring keys float over hushed jungle metronomes and moonlit field recordings. 10 shades of prehistoric haze, slipstreamed with temple chanting, distant insects, heavy echo, silhouettes of the subconscious. New Age as Ancient Age; the Portal as Process. X.Y.R.’s escape artistry continues to expand. Tinted red cassettes with red imprinting in J-cards designed by Dieter Durinck. Mastered by Alex Nagel in Philadelphia, PA.

  • x.y.r. – el dorado – illuminated paths

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    All music was made in period apr – aug 2014 (at my bedroom in St.Petersburg & villa in Tarkhovka , Russia)

    used stuff: analog synth formanta-mini, alisa -1387, wood flute, toy percussion, pedal effects, loop station, mic and field rec.

    artwork by tosya chaikina

  • x.y.r. – big calm – singapore sling tapes

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    new release by x.y.r. (Vladimir Karpov’s one-man project)
    all music was made in period feb – sep 2013 (at his bedroom in St.Petersburg, Russia)
    used stuff: analog synth formanta-mini, pedal effects, loop station, mic and field rec.
    “big calm” it’s like a message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore;

    love this one; big calm is right on. nice mellow synth jammer complete with field recordings. Recommended