yellow swans

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  • yellow swans / oakeater – split – black horizons

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    A rather appropriate unearthing takes place on this record, as Yellow Swans are posthumously paired up with Chicago’s Oakeater. First up is Yellow Swans, with a single side-long track that should please fans of their later, brighter more psychedelic sound as well as those of the more rigid, structured and even melodic sound found on their final LP. Masterfully mixing huge guitars, shards of mixer feedback and discreet loops. Oakeater on the flip side performs the funerary rights with three tracks that fall somewhere between a satanic ritual and a cosmic synth trip, with meditative vocals, throbbing synthesizers, and distant piano lines. On the label and art/design end this was a collaborative effort between Black Horizons and Dead Accents. Comes packaged in a custom euro-style sleeve, offset silver ink on black linen paper. Black vinyl with silver on black center labels in an edition of 500 copies.

  • yellow swans & mouthus – conan island – weird forest

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    An inevitable match made in Hades. Four titans workin’ it out in the primordial mulch and all the gods are cowering in their presence. The dual intertwining guitar-attack impacts and fragments into the dense concrete percussion forest surrounded by a shroud of pulsing caterwauling skree. A harum-scarum locomotive ride of thick, bombastic & heavy proportions..just like you want it to be. Play loud for optimum effect! Cover art by Brian Sullivan.