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  • nackt – virex – 100% silk

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    Over a decade of Bay Area nightlife and warehouse culture has boiled Johnny Igaz’s production methodology as Nackt down to its rubbery, resinous husk. Virex captures the project in its most stripped and purist form, all live, all hardware, traced in strict acid. The fluid genesis of each track allows for a curvature of mood from fog machine nightstalk (“Full Coat,” “Ford”) to grooved mothership jack (“Black Widow,” “Trash Brothers”), prone to mutation and variance. Outpost party co-founder CM-4 shares much of the writing and production credit, and joins Nackt on stage for live hardware PA performances. A squad of other SF house associates also contribute cameos – Michael Claus (Outpost), Jason Key (Rotation), Doc Sleep (Jacktone) – pitching in on drum patterns, 303, and additional production duties. Both alone and in collaboration, Nackt conjures his own distinct sonic corridor: liquid metal, insectoid, mechanized rubber sculptures strobe-lit above the speaker cabinets. Recorded in Oakland, California and mastered by Matt Tammariello.