a giant fern

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  • kanukanakina ‎– a-arrival b-departure – a giant fern

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    Produced in 208 lab_caxinas between 2009 and 2011.

    “On Kanukanakina´s first tape release, Miguel Pipa introduces us to his world of elaborated circuits and rich textures. His extended pieces are as broad and unpredictable as his sound sources; paired with his huge collection of beautifully deranged electronic devices, field recordings become far removed from their original context and shape. Pipa’s layers of hiss, glitches, and feedback make this the equivalent of circuit-bending psychedelia”

  • new fast – winter olympics- a giant fern

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  • aloha spirit – this is water – a giant fern

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    “This Is Water, the first release from The Aloha Spirit, examines the interplay between stasis and movement using delayed synthesizers, cassette tape loops, and field recordings. Inspired by the repeating, but constantly evolving, nature of tides and precipitation, the pieces on This Is Water come together as layers of intricate loops overlap and blur into slow-moving rivers of sound. As tones puddle and dissolve, they expose the growth and decay inherent in repetition.”

  • video nasties – amore e rabbia – a giant fern – cass

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    screen printed wood case
    Available in two different editions limited to 25 each:
    (picture is of wood case)
    – Black cassette housed in a jewel case with insert + large pin
    – White cassette housed in a screen printed wooden case with insert + 2 small pins of your choice
    Recorded through the 2011 Spring/Summer in Montreal – Quebec’pi9