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  • eric lanham – intercepted ruins – ahem editions

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    “Intercepted Ruins” is a long-awaited new document of Eric Lanham’s (Caboladies, Carl Calm) unique brand of abstract electronic composition, his first release since “The Sincere Interruption” (LP, Spectrum Spools/Editions Mego, 2012). This cassette presents two skittering sidelong recordings of luminous and fractured metallic submersion. These pieces were originally created as the soundtrack to a multimedia installation by Robert Beatty that took place in December 2012 at the Land of Tomorrow in Louisville, KY. With the space presented as a holographic hotel lobby these recordings functioned as the mechanics of an alien resort in action–deconstructed muzak emerging from shimmering industrial clatter and still openings.

  • ma turner – mazozma – ahem editions

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    Though Ma Turner may be best known for his collaborative endeavors in various groups over the past dozen years (Warmer Milks, CROSS, Salad Influence, and most recently Teal Grapefruit) his strongest work takes the form of the highly idiosyncratic recordings he conjures as a solo artist. Assembled from recordings made at various locations in Lexington, Kentucky between 2010 and 2015 “Mazozma” runs the gamut from cinematic guitar laments, vocal cut-up collages, late night folk sludge, and languid slinky keyboard nocturnes. Turner exposes his highly personal songwriting while abandoning reverence to any tradition, conveying a genre-free spirit comparable to Ghedalia Tazartes, Jim Shepard, or Barton Smith’s Folkways masterpiece “Reelizations”. “Mazozma” further refines the path developed on “ZOZ” (LP, Sophomore Lounge, 2014), a collection condensing 12 cassettes–one for each month of 2013–into a single album.