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  • niko mihaljevic – magneticae taeniae de – carpe diem – (tape loops 01–12) – alluvial gold

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    Magneticae taeniae de ‘Carpe Diem’ (Tape Loops 01–12) is a collection of twelve cassette tape loops made from factory prerecorded cassette tapes purchased at ‘Carpe Diem’, a thrift store in Arnhem. The original cassette tapes were transformed by cutting a short strip of tape at random and joining the two ends together. The result is a continuous loop and a new chance composition built from fragments of the existing recording. After finishing, the compositions were assembled and released as a new compilation cassette tape. The process is a study of repetition as a formula – almost a magical aid – for shaping sense from randomness. Or, for using audio junk leftovers to create trance music.

  • soft temple II – these times are the ancient times – alluvial gold

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    • An entity of flesh and blood and an entity of wires and circuits interweave to channel sounds from the beyond!
    • Series of electronic incantations for T.E. Lawrence, Larry Young, Baba O’Riley and Tony Iommi’s detached fingertips!
    • Contemporary thrift shop shamanism!
    • A journey through psychedelic lore – auditory relics of bygone eras smashed to pieces and crudely reassembled as deviant sound sculptures!
    • Ancient Music of Today!
    • Esoteric electronics, occult oscillations, synaesthetic synthesizers!