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  • running point – sharpen the past – ambivalent soap

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    Running Point is Kevin Cahill.

    Mastered by James Toth in Toronto.

  • m mucci – midnights – ambivalent soap

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    Small pieces for semi-improvised electric guitar, recorded during some of the coldest nights in many years. Not a note was recorded before 11pm. I’d never heard ‘frost quakes’ before, but I think you can hear some on these recordings, because I was playing so slowly and quietly so as to not wake my family. Listen closely.

  • tom orange – orange claw hammer – ambivalent soap

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    Teleportation technology has come. As I step inside the cassette from Orange Claw Hammer, I’m whisked away to the time of steely, droned strings plucked from their earthen bridge with wanton skill. The axis recoils with the historical ragas of yore. I see epochs pass on the crest of a reverberation. Orange Claw Hammer may not possess the engineering skill to transport my physical being to the past but the transcendental echoes herein recall a passing musical world where guitar playing was an organic, cosmic experience where heaven and hell joined into a metaphysical realm where we questioned when dinosaurs evolved and man devolved. Of course, it’s just a good two-sided jam that also reminds us all that good music still has a place in modern society free from commercial goals and critical expectations. Which is why we listen and allow ourselves the freedom of imagination to go where the music takes us – be it the physical or spiritual plane. (JSPICER, tinymixtapes)