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  • imaginary softwoods – the path of spectrolite – amethyst sunset

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    This is the first edition on clear white mix vinyl limited to 150 copies.

    The Path of Spectrolite is the latest full length recording from Imaginary Softwoods. Early comments have praised this album and state
    that while this recording retains some if the icy drone sound from some previous Softwoods release, this is a great progression and a
    bit more active. An extremely beautiful album entirely of sounds created by synthesizer and voice, this is an essential piece of the
    Imaginary Softwoods discography that you are sure to love. Pressed in an edition of 535. 150 on a clear / white mix and the remaining
    385 on clear .

  • everyday loneliness – false validations – amethyst sunset

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    limited to 300

    quaduruple removed re-recontexualizations of cassette and digitally recorded sources

  • mist – glowing net – amethyst sunset – lp

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    much welcome vinyl issue of the 2010 cassette release from john elliott (outer space, colored mushy, emeralds) and sam goldberg (radio people, docile dawn, pizza night) that sold out at the source and distros rather quickly. further exploring the zones on the previously released “mist” lp, the duo take it one step further with their electronics unleashing a record which sounds like it could be the soundtrack to an amazing 70’s / 80’s sci fi movie. the tracks have been remastered for vinyl by james plotkin. vinyl is in an edition of 750 copies. 500 copies on black vinyl and 250 rainbow splatter vinyl

  • sean mccann – sincere world – amethyst sunset

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    coloured vinyl available upon request.
    “Listening to new work from Sean McCann is always an exciting prospect. Go far back into this young pioneer’s catalog and you’ll without a doubt uncover a collection of music as diverse as it is long. What you may also notice is the consistency with which Sean portrays himself.
    His music is always fearless, frank and personal. Sincere World is another turn toward Sean’s signature earnestness. Open Resolve and The Capital, both cleverly laced with swirling filter manipulation and confounding superimposition of manic and sloth-like compositions, exposed us to a more playful side of McCann’s persona.
    These works are on the surface a bit zany, but deeper down they still maintain a charming character—something that draws the listener in magically. Sincere World is the somber younger brother to these two. Sincere World is adrift on Badalamenti-like lethargy, skeptical of the world around and unsure of what to do about it.
    But despite his bashfulness, he is every bit as charming and perhaps even more so, for there are no rough edges on him. In six movements, Sean takes us from under the bed to behind the bleachers and finally, to the bottom of the sea. Recorded mostly in 2009,
    Sincere World has after two years in hiding, finally mustered the audacity to come out into the open. This is the world Sean McCann lives in, and I want to do everything I can to live there too.” – Michael Jantz
    vinyl version is limited to 380 copies.

  • 1958-2009 – amethyst sunset

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    Amethyst Sunset is extremely proud to present the final document produced by 1958-2009. Matthew Sullivan (Earn/Ekhein) and Alex Twomey (Mirror to Mirror /Jugular Forest) provide us with the most beautiful guitar/synth ballads recorded on the one year anniversary of the death of the King of Pop. All brand new material and not released on any of the previously released cassettes. Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl