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  • Imediat​.​ez – Elucidário das Paragens I (Buscador) Do Intuito Para Ligar Frases a Partir de Uma (Re​)​Captação de Fontes

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    Slippery sublime moments, aimed at a soft elucidation of the apocalyptical reality present in the continuum search of a viable existence.

  • jccg – eje – aquae

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    I spent the beginning of this year wondering about listening beyond the usual borders, and it feels fitting that I should close it by giving one of the artists I mentioned their dues. EJE is the work of Portugal´s JCCG, a musician who finds a quiet beauty in repeated actions. It is less an overlooked album and more an impossible not to overlook album (it was released as an edition of 30 cassettes on an obscure Mexican tape label) but it is absolutely worth hunting down. EJE takes me to the plane that Wolfgang Voigt in his Gas guise dreamt up – a place of great calm and understanding – yet does so with just a bashed up guitar and loop pedal.
    Ruth Saxelby – Dazed’s overlooked albums of the year

    original release on exo tapes

  • phrase infinitiva ‎– duas portas para uma sala – aquae

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    An abstraction about facing the horizon, the tracks “Fala,” and “Faladores,” represent a temporal upturn.

  • mário wazao – quente – aquae

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    A sensorial promenade through the digital x tepid streetcorner-lifestyle of Mário Wazao; a fluent ghost writer and eternal permeable student, Wazao´s style relies on artisanal trance techniques but with a personal touch. Designed for post vaporized socialites thus reclaiming relaxed but elegant lyrical environments for those everyday dream-a-dream moments, the deluxe debut Quente is a wet vision made of insomnia extravaganza. A massage from and to the senses, enjoyable only through desire.
    Thiago Sarafado
    original release on exo tapes

  • phrase infinita – trilho da nascente, trilho do poente – aquae

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    Based on the Trilho do Nascente, Trilho do Poente draft-poem(s) by Rio Pontes, this 51:18 + 18:20 (outro) min combo of field recordings and tape adulteration offers Phrase Infinita´s decoding of two primal cadenze over a rich sowing of layered anima, carefully unraveled through the verses´ dictation. Sounds range from personal, public and pirated resources, elegantly adding to the the poetic allegory.

    The last two tracks, Cronómetro para um Arcaico and the always incomplete Fresta ao Tempo are lite attempts to escape from the poem(s)´ exposure, as dramatic as an event like this can be. The side notes from Phrase Infinita are themselves vague on reflexive properties, yet clear on positioning the references from the poem(s)´ subject, as well as its casuistic interrelations:

    “Two circumstantial Themes

    diluted by Collision,

    on a poorly erased draft,

    below a dimmed star”

    Marisa Fontes
    original release on exo tapes