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  • john clyde evans – go gracious kiki change – autumn records

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    gronked sizzled & bangin twisted nests of electronic debris and scribble from john clyde evans. vocals violins flutes drums all pulverised and pitchshifted and latticed into long interweaving off kilter patterns. totally original music!

  • jeph jerman – arrastre – autumn records

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    we have a set of surprisingly resonant pot lids in our kitchen, which i’ve used in various recordings in the past and one night while doing the dishes i had the idea to try playing them in the manner of tibetan singing bowls, by dragging a thick wooden dowel around their rims. i found that with a little practice this worked well, so i made a multi-track recording of four of them. i then, as i am want to do, became obsessed with this idea, buying up piles of pot lids from local second-hand shops and making more recordings, some using as many as ten different lids. after two months of this activity i was left with over two hours of recordings of resonant metal drones, which i enjoy so much that i thought i’d share them all. comprising nine pieces of music ranging in length from 5 to 20 minutes, these recordings are available on three separate releases, on three different formats: a full-length vinyl record, a 45 minute cd-r and a 40 minute cassette.
    arrastre is the spanish word for drag, and also the name of a 19th century mining apparatus, wherein large boulders were drug around an ore-filled pit by means of a large spindle and arm, driven by pack animals.
    this cassette release is 1/3 of the arrastre triptych.