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  • digital natives – coppeecuffs – avant archive

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    Jeffry Astin’s long and engrossing back catalog has been culminating, erupting here in 2012 with the emergence of the Digital Natives handle. Taped jamz ghostily repeat in concert. Sometimes the result of this combination is utterly groovy; sometimes it is creepy. No reincarnation is free of irony, and each ironic appearance is both joy- and cringe-inducing. I find myself saying, “this bit looped over and over?” but then the music answers, “yes, this bit.” And the magic is not in the bit itself, but the fact that it repeats over and over.

  • ajilvsga – massacre canyon – avant archive

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    If you’ve been hanging around the tiny experimental voids that have been surfacing in North America over the past five-or-so years, there is some chance that you’ve brushed up against the rolling thunderhead called Ajilvsga. The duo’s body of work is massive, and so even though it’s only a glimpse, Massacre Canyon is nonetheless a necessary document in the evolution of this musical icon. This soaring double-cassette collects tracks from Ajilvsga’s past—some pieces more ephemeral than others, but everything worthy of a second (or tenth) glance. What these selections have in common is only a certain ability to succinctly (as much as one can, given the nature of the music, both in density and in length) define this Oklahoman tag-team’s oeuvre: an animal darkness, tainted with imagery both accusatory and mournful. Through their own multitude of sonic approaches, may you find Ajilvsga’s essence living in the spaces of Massacre Canyon. Alas, it’s not the end: Side D contains 40 minutes of new music. Onward!

  • sean mccann – mammoth mountain – avant archive

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    Sean McCann literally needs no introduction. If you’re reading this promotional paragraph, you already know who Sean is and there is a good chance you’re already convinced of his musical capacity. Sean’s specialty seems to be this airy and sweet ‘atmosphere’, something that sounds simultaneously like a slow-motion stringed dirge and an accompaniment to your morning’s reflection over a pot of steaming coffee. With Mammoth Mountain, Sean is in a unique form. These songs are short and rambling, and they present McCann in a kind of sparse orchestration. There is very little ‘constant’ drone that frequently appears on his records. Mammoth Mountain is space-specific, recorded during a series of family outings over two years, and the compositions on these two volumes are apropos of the space. The sparseness with which the songs are written and played (or improvised) allows the mountain air to permeate the tape. The overall effect is just what one might expect from Sean McCann: a tender set that almost insists on the transportation to or envisioning of Mammoth Mountain and its surrounding beauties. This album is sometimes fun, sometimes discordant, and sometimes entirely disarming, much like the wild spaces from whence it was derived. Sip a cool stream and join Sean for a stringed jaunt up the mountain.

  • bret schneider – model of a garden scene with atering can – avant archive

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    Bret Schneider has created a world of chaos from the helm of his digital workstation. Model of a Garden Scene With Watering Can is on the surface a simple exploration into abstract sound by way of (and perhaps limited by) his digital means, though Schneider brings into this sound collage many sources of sound. The root of this dense structure is still quite simple: play. About his creative process, Schneider says, “I tried to make a situation where the music is like the inverse space of the known world. . .in a sense it is me making all the wrong decisions, going against my intuition, being the negative space of intuition.” If you’re not interested in process or philosophy, perhaps you’ll at least be turned on by the ear-tickling sonic concoction that is the manifestation of Schneider’s approach to creative sound. If there is anything left of your brain by the time you’re through listening, you’ll certainly receive a gracious ‘thank you’ from your ears.

  • black eagle child – born underwater / the arquebus – avant archive

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    From the artist: “Composition has always been a difficult process. When I decided to stick close to my comfort zone and start building music from foundations of guitar, writing music became a little easier. Before Black Eagle Child reached this point, my composition process did not exist. Mostly the result was failure, but from this lack of discipline also came a couple pieces I really felt proud of. Here they are finally in an official production.

  • excavacations – afternoon future – avant archive

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    Pop music isn’t what it used to be. Excavacations know this as well as anyone, and you’ll know it too when you find yourself tapping your foot suddenly after emerging from a murky fog of sustained guitars and synthesizers. Chad Parsons & Nicholas Longworth’s increasingly signature stamp onto the musical underground is unmistakably playful, but don’t miss the signposts pointing back in time, and (it hardly bears mentioning) don’t miss the caverns of solemnity from which their lighter sensibilities emerge. These two musicians have been feeding on the morsels that popular rock & roll has left behind, and washing it down with a swig of experimental electronics and a gulp of musique concrete. Their knowledge shows through when suddenly we find ourselves at that point where we want to hit rewind and hear that unforseen verse repeated yet again. When you find yourself frustrated that the last verse was indeed the last verse, take some consolation and rest in the longer stretches of abstraction, and keep in mind that Excavacations just might come back with another verse or two. How soon? Keep listening.

  • husnaan – capturing image of the eminent incorrect interpretation – avant archive

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    Husnaan is Duto Hardono from Indonesia. Using a small array of electronic devices, Duto explores the convergence of a very Schnitzlerian kosmische and some more esoteric, and yes, noisier influences. The result, depending on your mood upon entering, can range from a mild bliss to an intense aural extravagance. Sounds explode or blossom like foliage in large patches around the place you are standing. Because of the wide range of frequency touched upon, you will want to turn this up very loud.