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  • sunglasses – nicaragua ’72 – baked tapes

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    Having recently relocated to Chicago from Queens, I was glad to hear from Matt Kimmel (man behind the camera at Acid Marshmallow and the keyboard in Fluorescent Vibes) that he quickly settled in and had hooked up with former Miami Beach bandmate, Ryan Chupick, and together had been bringing a new brand of focused meditative hymns to the windy city. Nicaragua ’72, their debut, is a hour long excursion in four parts, each painstakingly restrained, slowly budding from repetitious ebbs and flows, subtilely expanding mantras lowering the pulse and drawing one into a somnolent state, growing steadily until side B erupts and shit starts to get real.

  • last level – cast away your swords – baked tapes

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    —> The shape of scum to come – trumpet/sax/electronics crude freespaz grind. ornette acetates cut to sheet metal w/ rusty fishhooks.

  • millions – shredded heaven – baked tapes

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    ”Horrifyingly beautiful in the truest sense, an exquisitely woven and meticulously shaped narrative assembled from the horrifying nomenclature of hums, buzzes and shrieks by one mister David Suss under his Millions nom de plume. With ever-increasingly epic releases on the likes of Peasant Magik, Abandon Ship and Obsolete Units, Shredded Heaven finds Suss at his finest. “Scrape yr skull against that great celestial cheese grater and let the fruits of that communion drift down and slowly blanket the earth. float back home and watch as all you know is submerged beneath the sweet glacial avalanche.” Synonymically literal artwork by Suss.”

  • telecult powers – zion traveler – baked tapes

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    For the uninitiated, Telecult Powers is the superforce of Mister Matthews and Witchbeam, two weirdos of the highest caliber, bred in Cleveland, nurtured in Brooklyn and now protecting a transdimenional wormhole connecting Crown Heights and New Orleans respectively.

    They hit Brooklyn by storm, years ahead of the surge of the current synth infatuation, and clearly stood out by way of their sincerity to their art and most importantly, the substance that backed it up. With but a modest arsenal of mystical synth-gun boxes designed and meticulously hand-assembled by Mister Matthews, these two turned every shithole venue and divebar they graced into a hovering spacecraft that for moments took you away from the $7 beers, high rents and endless neon spandex that Brooklyn had become.

    This is a definitively fresh perspective to the evolution of synthesized music in the modern era. This is not the rehashing of cliched 70s synth motifs passed off as “original” or “experimental”. This is the cusp. Mister Matthews and Witchbeam will be fondly remembered in the great Tome of 21st century Musicians as journeymen who actively moved electronic music beyond it’s overly-glorified past into a new age of enlightenment.

    After countless tapes and cdrs, it is astounding that no one has given these two the wax they’ve so deserved. I am proud to be a positive force in getting this LP into the world. It’s the least I can do.

    Housed in a full color jackets designed by Witchbeam, LP include digital download code as well as exclusive Mothers Third Eye issue cataloging key events of the next millennia, provided by their future