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  • lee noble – no becoming – bathetic

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    With No Becoming, we hear Lee Noble as he began to curtail his droning stretches into more song-based, pop-infused, atmospheric measures. His sound possessed a beautiful, bedroom-base quality, with casio beats driving the rhythm while chord organs and guitars fuse to create an undeniably emotional score. Seeing Lee’s early works is like pulling open that bedroom door and discovering a man building his craft, watching how he coaxes the sounds and textures from his instruments.

    We’ve seen Lee Noble take on new platforms and dominate new plateaus as he’s progressed as an artist, but through No Becoming we can see his work has never been devoid of that powerful, sentimental atmosphere. That’s what makes Lee the artist he is, vulnerable and invincible, with his own sound, emerging from a pool of influences and peers.

    With No Becoming, we witness the man shaping and controlling his sounds, coming upon new lands, fields of resonance, filtering ideas, bending, molding, working. A beautiful album of early work, a pulling back of the curtain.

  • caroline park – adrift – bathetic records

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    Caroline Park’s processed sounds, full of depth and grain, swelling with both ambiance and a beautifully honed grit, creates the type of album you put on, then crank and focus, or put on and drift away. It’s subjective what one can do when play is pressed for this tape. Different forms of mediation are making themselves known, you just have to choose a hole to harness and go down.

  • lee noble – ruiner – bathetic records

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    Lee Noble has stepped out from behind his lair walls to unveil Ruiner, the follow-up to 2011’s show-stopping Horrorism. Noble is progressing with his vaporous sound, once again turning the idea of pop music elemental and stealing your heart. There’s a warbling, home-spun quality to Ruiner, with it’s atmosphere soaked in the warmest of fuzzy hiss, guitars woven into and around organs, and Noble’s voice, a combination of moans and whispers.

    Ruiner doesn’t just pick up where Horrorism left off, it moves beyond it, with its hooks and with its drive. Ruiner is an album that will dominate you. It’s a record that demands full attention, start to finish. It’s a full album in every sense of the word; each part compliments the other, but it is absolutely a collection of songs.

    Noble isn’t just walking in fields of ambient air and drone dirges, he’s bending and manipulating sounds and textures to craft his art. It straddles between a world of ethereal experimental music and fleshed out indie-rock. Weighing heavier on the former, it finds itself a Grouper-meets-Radiohead in a basement type affair. He has created a sound that feels familiar, comfortable, and lived-in – but it’s entirely his own sound. You immediately know when you’re listening to Lee Noble.

    With Ruiner, the sounds are worn well, they’ve been thought about, they’ve been executed with Noble’s delicate touch, and they’ve been strung together beautifully. Ruiner is an ardent record, and it’s a heavy listen, that’ll have you introspective and reflecting. It’s unquestionably both haunting and gorgeous, but what else would you expect from Lee Noble?

  • angelo harmsworth – untitled – bathetic records

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    Angelo Harmsworth is bringing wonderfully textural pieces to the table here. His untitled cassette is perfect for autumn landscapes; switch off your worry and set yourself to drift. The tones are sepia, soaked in natural ambiance and easy to fall into. Something about this recalls the likes of a more folk-centric Sean McCann or an unwinding Fennesz, or even perhaps trips into the area reached with collaborations of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto.

    This is an awe-inspiring ode to the beauty around us. Elegant, exquisite, and wistful, Harmsworth’s work is open and alluring, this is definitely one to soak into…
    Double panel jcards are printed on handmade Wildflower seed paper. You are given the choice to plant or keep. With proper care, these seeds will sprout into lovely wildflowers.

    Edition of 50.

  • drew hill / pink priest – bathetic records

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    The first in a series of upcoming and ongoing split cassingles…
    Drew Hill phones in from his cemetary-side cabin with organic drone-folk; a track handcrafted to soundtrack haunting moments of realization found in P.K. Dick novels.
    Pink Priest channels former cult heads and religious zealots alike, as he pours his bloody, savage soul into a golden chalice with the help of Tom Watson & Andrew Caddick (Deep Sht & Jeans Wilder, respectively).

  • angelo harmsworth – silent orgasm – bathetic

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    Angelo Harsmworth does it again, with his return to Bathetic via Silent Orgasm.
    Silent Orgasm is lush and vibrant, while also stark and abrasive in its measures. Harmsworth is not afraid to step outside the comfort zone; employing both rolling, reverbed piano loveliness as well as toiling, wavering sine waves — crisp, electric, and lawless.

  • earn – hell on earth – bathetic

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    With Hell On Earth, Matthew Sullivan embraces the foggy symbolism of great tribulation. Weaving the streets of Los Angeles, signs pointing to a rapturous date.

    The album is a dense offering that embraces grit to create a pure ambient recording, nothing less. As a record, it is absolute, sonically blown out and powerful; never background music. Hell On Earth sits in the middle of the room and pulls everything into it.

    Free from the trappings of the typical minimalistic, droning output many artists serve up, Earn’s Hell On Earth moves boldly and seems to sweep through an entire city like a strong wind. The melodies, while meditative, are never reserved — they move steadfast with grace.

    There’s nothing light or sparse in these recordings — they are of substance, rigorous, and fluid. Hell On Earth is a jump in character, a swift change of pace, and an exercise in bending the innate into ominous immersion.

    **Edition of 300 WHITE vinyl records, includes a Digital Download Card of the album

  • angel olsen – half way home – bathetic

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    After her highly-acclaimed debut Strange Cacti landed in the hands of listeners, it became very obvious the special presence Angel Olsen offered to listeners. She had a fresh edge to her sound, a warm and wonderful range, and a level of skill and charm out of this world.

    And now here we are, a mere 2 years since her initial Bathetic release — the original cassette version of Strange Cacti. The release of Half Way Home is something everyone has been excited for. We’ve always wanted to see and hear what Angel brings out through her music.

    Half Way Home is a continuation of her elegance brought forth on Strange Cacti, a collection of both new and old music, honed and matured, thoughts revisisted. We’re hearing this same beautiful girl with that same beautiful voice, this time brought up to a new level, in no doubt a growth and reach brought on by several roadtrips with the one and only Bonnie “Prince” Billy and crew.

  • dinner music – tomb of comb – bathetic

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    Rick Weaver returns to Bathetic with is brand of warbled and warped cinematic music. It’s like a Lynchian smear of uncomfortableness that is both blooming and bodacious, while maintaining an awkward and alarming air. Afterhours music; like Captain Beefheart exchanging tales of trips to the gates of hell with a young and broken Tom Waits to the ghost of Evel Knievel, amongst sputtering, broken tones and ghastly and unnatural timbres. Beautiful in its controlled chaos.

  • villages – theories of ageing – bathetic

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    Asheville, NC’s Ross Gentry takes his time fine-tuning his art. Theories Of Ageing is a pinnacle; prime example of the painstaking process a true artist can go through to sculpt a masterpiece.

    Gentry picks up his Villages mantle and flows beyond himself, taking his delicate sounds to an epic field of staggering, emotional landscapes. Theories Of Ageing takes a sound process, weaving elements together, and in its finality, what’s what is left in the wind. Delicate floating synth atmosphere with open-tuned acoustic guitar strums, banjo and piano slide in and out of the spaces, creating an entirely enchanting, if a bit haunting record. As a reference, Villages takes on a level of ambient artistry seen throughout the works of Labradford or Stars Of The Lid; never scared to embrace more than just textural sound layers; but also build, mould, and shape pure music. This is not background art.