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  • lee noble – no becoming – bathetic

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    With No Becoming, we hear Lee Noble as he began to curtail his droning stretches into more song-based, pop-infused, atmospheric measures. His sound possessed a beautiful, bedroom-base quality, with casio beats driving the rhythm while chord organs and guitars fuse to create an undeniably emotional score. Seeing Lee’s early works is like pulling open that bedroom door and discovering a man building his craft, watching how he coaxes the sounds and textures from his instruments.

    We’ve seen Lee Noble take on new platforms and dominate new plateaus as he’s progressed as an artist, but through No Becoming we can see his work has never been devoid of that powerful, sentimental atmosphere. That’s what makes Lee the artist he is, vulnerable and invincible, with his own sound, emerging from a pool of influences and peers.

    With No Becoming, we witness the man shaping and controlling his sounds, coming upon new lands, fields of resonance, filtering ideas, bending, molding, working. A beautiful album of early work, a pulling back of the curtain.

  • zac nelson – sound a sleep sound – bathetic records

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    How do you describe magical, ethereal creatures that slide out of night skies and into your bedroom, offering a welcoming hand extended to invite you on a journey and a warm embrace after they’ve put you back to bed? Almost indentical is describing the odd wonder of Sound A Sleep Sound, a dynamic album that rockets out of the niches built by genre standards like ambient or drone. No, this is cosmic soul-searching, boiled down into 40 minutes of nebulous-pink, gooey extraterrestrial love.

    On this wax saucer, Zac Nelson, of CHLL PLL and Hex Love fame, throws down two side-long floaters bent solely on mental coaxing into another zone. Patient, yet involved tones slip and shimmer into and out of perspective. The sounds liquify and coat your entire persona.

    Sit a spell in a dim room with the lovely drifters encased in wax. You will find yourself waking into a new reality. Your head might feel swimmy and your heart a little heavier.

    That means you’re newly alive.

  • high aura’d – sanguine futures

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    Sanguine Futures opens with a slow crawl ; the burden of winter crawling across your back, reaching around your throat, grayed hands with frayed nails grip tight and pull you into an isolated realm of blissful purgatory. You’re only 2 and a half minutes in and creatures of crawling out of shadows and your breath is hanging heavy.

    John Kolodij has crafted an auditory trip into territories that feel untouched, unmoved by a human hand, packed with ethereal and earthly blackness; a deep and dense wood, a coal-black night, tarry centers where you find the solitude of 100 year old weeping willows.

    This is not an album crafted to simply listen and reflect, this is heavy slabs of flesh and blood, moaning, bending, warbling to life, groaning out and sucking you in. Shades of Scelsi and Penderecki collage and wind into spacious suites, built atop a foundation of heavy K├Âner-styled concrete. It’s beautiful, but there’s a lingering fear of the unknown, and you could lose your leg at your next step. It’s breathtaking and beautiful, but you’re always careful not to trip too far into these skeletal treescapes.

    There’s deep, rusty veins running to the heart of Sanguine Futures, pumping a dark crimson fluid, driving the machine to keep humming. There’s a clicking film projector casting images onto a sheet of ice. We feel it, it’s thrust into the very energy that motivates us; a feeling of love, of life, of solace, of hope and pain and fear and joy and sorrow. This is a span of sounds and tones and textures, weaved together as a lifeforce. An album this isn’t, an entire affair, spanning our first to dying breaths. Heavy, spacious, frightening, and welcoming; all at once.

    On Sanguine Futures, Kolodij was aided in arranging by Type Records’ John Twells, who also produced and mixed the record at Seventh Door Studios in Massachusetts. Trumpet by the renown Greg Kelley. James Plotkin mastered. Simon Fowler did the beautiful artwork.

  • william cody watson – bill murray

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    Dedicated to and specifically crafted for the man himself.
    “This is the most important piece of music I’ve ever made.” – William Cody Watson
    the end.