beard of snails

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  • caligine / the end springs – split – beard of snails

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    Caligine “Gelsomini e Rintocchi (per Antoinet)” (3:43)

    The End Springs “All the Clouds and Orange Sky (for Samantha)” (3:03)

    Caligine (Italy; seemingly nomadic) and The End Springs (U.K.) each provide idyllic instrumental acid folk-tinged visions for this short but sweet split — the penultimate A Beard of Snails 7-inch release.

    Intimate acoustic-electric morning music for the odious chill or mesmeric swelter of whenever. Both pieces are, coincidentally, of a dedicatory nature… but these are for you as well.

    Limited to a 100 copies in all; 91 on black… with a precious 9 (sold out) on marbled gray-ish vinyl.

    Each record with individually hand stamped center labels, and front cover iconography by Phil French. Includes a download card.