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  • digital natives – its all point blank – beer on the rug

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    Housecraft bossman Jeff Astin dishes up precisely fourteen interlaced mazes of weird sure to be on repeat inside your head for the foreseeable future. On the porch or by the pool, this one is for you. It’s All Point Blank.The dice have already been rolled. Don’t question it. Just press play.

    Limited edition of 100 cassettes w/ download code
    Design/ Layout by Paul Browning
    Pro-imprinted and pro-duplicated

  • angel 1 – rex – beer on the rug

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    LA based producer Angel 1 is on fleek! You should already know about this hotsteppin’ bad boy by know. Stylistically diverse, the futuristic, ultra HD tracks on Rex careen and swerve multiple genres with ease. Seven dense bangers incorporate elements of trap, re-constructed avant-garde pop and abstract electronica under one microcosmic umbrella. Rex. Perfected cosmic circus music for all you freaks. Turn up.

  • location services – music for quiet rooms – beer on the rug

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    Portland, Oregon two-piece Location Services (member of Magic Fades) spritely capture sterile office and hospital ambiance on Music for Quiet Rooms. Recorded while on the clock at a hospital, eight feather light tracks wax and wane like invisible cycles of the moon during the day. Indigo hued latex gloved hands gently press synthesizer keys, strum fretless guitars and pluck harps, all in a genuine zen office environment. Don’t miss out on having your heartstrings pulled by this captivating new duo.

    Artwork by Mike Grabarek, Joshua Ward and Alicia Gordon
    Limited to 100 copies w/ full color pro-printed inserts and light blue compact discs housed in clear plastic sleeves.

  • xix tropic – liani crupty – beer on the rug

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    Havana’s Xix Tropic sounds off on her debut musical adventure, Liani Crupty. Twelve atraditional tracks touch on lounge, vaporwave and experimental pop, dotting the psychedelic and dissassociating atmospheres, without getting too comfortable in any one of the aforementioned zones. Liani Crupty is comprised of hand selected recordings from Xix Tropic’s mystical audio vault. Don’t miss this timeless, other dimensional, ulta-limited album release.

  • angel 1 – angle activate – beer on the rug

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    Angel 1 turns on and activates in proper fashion, singing a lark’s morning tune while swan diving onto a fantastically jarring toroidal halo roller coaster comprised of synthetic wood. Thee Angelic 1 twists and turns over two slippery sliders, churning for God on behalf of you and your loved ones. This album was recorded in Los Angeles, California.

    Limited edition of 80 cassettes w/ download code
    Features artwork by Francesco De Gallo
    Pro-duplicated on high quality chrome tape in light pink shells

  • palm highway chase – fantasy recordings – beer on the rug

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    Palm Highway Chase melts the ice and snow with the warmness of tropical island sunshine. Our driver puts the pedal to the metal for forty-plus minutes through pitch black nightscapades and cotton candied sunsets while you ride shotgun. Recorded late 2012 through mid 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Hang tight.

    Limited edition of 100 cassettes w/ download code
    Pro-duplicated on high quality chrome tape in greenly-tinted shells.

  • cvlts – audial/s – beer on the rug

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    Limited edition of 99 hand swirled cassette tape shells in three different candied colorways (33 copies per each colorway)

    Customized cassette tapes courtesy of Eyetooth Collective

    Every cassette shell is unique, no two are identical.

  • percival pembroke – pembroke autumn/winter catalog – beer on the rug

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    United Kingdom’s Percival Pembroke waxes wistful dreamstates and nostalgic forays in sound on the all new Pembroke Autumn/Winter Catalog. The album is comprised of eighteen beautiful soundscapes recorded at various locations in the British Isles and contains over thirty minutes of meticulously cataloged retro-futurist brilliance from a young maestro. An absolutely crucial grip.

    Layout and design by Paul Browning
    Limited edition of 100 cassette tapes in royal blue shells w/ digital download code
    Pro-duplicated and imprinted in the USA

  • umanzuki – nemi – beer on the rug

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    Umanzuki is a three piece sound art project currently based in Florence, Italy. The group’s latest offering, Nemi, is a concept record inspired by the omnipotent rituals and occultist practices which took place at the Lake of Nemi, where the temple of Diana once stood. Four hypnotic tracks flow like water and fire. Umanzuki’s sonic prowess allows them to magickally recontexualize and siphon ancient pasts through to the present moment.

    Layout and design by Umanzuki
    Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
    Limited edition of 100 custom packaged compact discs in classic jewel case
    Pro-duplicated in the USA

  • graham kartna – ideation deluze – beer on the rug

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    //”How long has that been there?”//
    //”What importance has it lost? Gained? When? Why?”//
    //”What has occurred here?”//

    //”..And before that?”//