beer on the rug

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  • angel 1 – rex – beer on the rug

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    LA based producer Angel 1 is on fleek! You should already know about this hotsteppin’ bad boy by know. Stylistically diverse, the futuristic, ultra HD tracks on Rex careen and swerve multiple genres with ease. Seven dense bangers incorporate elements of trap, re-constructed avant-garde pop and abstract electronica under one microcosmic umbrella. Rex. Perfected cosmic circus music for all you freaks. Turn up.

  • cvlts – audial/s – beer on the rug

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    Limited edition of 99 hand swirled cassette tape shells in three different candied colorways (33 copies per each colorway)

    Customized cassette tapes courtesy of Eyetooth Collective

    Every cassette shell is unique, no two are identical.

  • umanzuki – nemi – beer on the rug

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    Umanzuki is a three piece sound art project currently based in Florence, Italy. The group’s latest offering, Nemi, is a concept record inspired by the omnipotent rituals and occultist practices which took place at the Lake of Nemi, where the temple of Diana once stood. Four hypnotic tracks flow like water and fire. Umanzuki’s sonic prowess allows them to magickally recontexualize and siphon ancient pasts through to the present moment.

    Layout and design by Umanzuki
    Mastered by Mauro Martinuz
    Limited edition of 100 custom packaged compact discs in classic jewel case
    Pro-duplicated in the USA

  • cvlts – audial/s – beer on the rug

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    Artwork layout and design by EyeBodega
    Recorded | Mixed | Mastered in Kansas City and Los Angeles

    Limited edition of 100 professionally manufactured compact discs packaged in shrinkwrapped jewel case with full color liner artwork.

  • pulse emitter – digital rainforest – beer on the rug

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    Music by Pulse Emitter
    Artwork by LaTurbo Avedon