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  • wasted nymph – inmost diarrhea of the astral crone part ii – bennifer editions

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    Wasted Nymph continue their infantile excursion into the stereo diaper, probing the depths of their fly by night aesthetic with the audible grief of an gastroenteroligist’s rehearsal dinner. Sometimes when a piece of music like this comes my way I find myself at a loss of words, embracing abstractions to better illustrate the esoteric; but I find that with this particular piece of transgression all that comes out is foor CamCamCamCA jjjjjjjjjje Re-O Re-O corsica NumNums. For fans of early Red Krayola and Broken Penis Orchestra. Still the best band in Montreal.

  • transcendental rodeo – vol.1 – bennifer editions

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    4.5x 14”, double sided screenprinted foldout in cut vhs sleeve, CD
    ED. 100
    “Four track album from this lysergic country/lunar blues group featuring Matthew ‘Doc’ Dunn of MV & EE fame. The sound is raggedy communal goodtime ala The Cherry Blossoms, with mouth harp, banjo, guitar et al rendered in a lower east side hoedown style that is sure to appeal to fans of The Holy Modal Rounders, Mike Nesmith, Pat Kilroy, David Peel, Tower Recordings, Peter Grudzien, Matthew Valentine et al. Comes with fold-around screened sleeves in hard plastic envelopes. – David Keenan – Volcanic Tongue
    Transcendental Rodeo – James Anderson, Matthew Dunn, Michael Smith, Brian Tysoe, Laurel Waterman, Stuart Wiber, Andrew Zukerman
    Art, Printing – Andrew Zukerman