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  • paul hares – MSC DTH – big ear tapes

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    dirty warped beats from a wizard known as Paul Hares. half man, half living tape spool, Paul brings you the schizoid sounds of an opera on the moon. de assembled into fragments that are sent through portals to that dirty dollar store record basement jacked to the ceiling with dusty cassingles, stretched through your old answering machine and shot through the depths of the Mariana trench before reaching your eardrums. complete otherwordly percussion and sample collages, Paul strikes out on a limb of his own and we couldnt be prouder to be presenting these 2 offerings to you, TPSFCKBT and VSR BDS. for all you soundcloud heads, TPSFCKBT IS A CULT CLASSIC. VSR BDS is brand spankin new raw tape and drum collage, and you arent going to want to miss a single moment of any of it. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY PAUL HARES!

  • russian athletics – invisible surrender – big ear tapes

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    industrial rubble comes crashing down in the sea of tranquility, as echoes from an ancient struggle of civilizations rings out clear in zero gravity. Russian Athletics comes to us from Hungary, painting a sonic landscape of memories forgotten, as well as whispers of an uncertain future. Heavily compressed drones clash with blunted steel and piercing rounds in a style reminiscent of the warped ambience of Wanda Group, timeless and unnerving. Makes the hair stand up on your neck sorta vibes, this is not a release to be missed…

  • spool – pyramora​/​/​borealid – big ear tapes

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    healing music brought to us by a lost string in the cosmic chasm… then warped back into a black hole in slow motion

  • ray phaze tropic – afrowigwam – big ear tapes

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    Island vibes meet japanese garden. Tropicalia Jumbalaya!

  • nerftoss – proof catalog – big ear tapes

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    Spanning the gap between eaves dropping on the subway and doing the backstroke in the stratosphere, Baltimore native John Jones aka Nerftoss brings us a swooning tribute to observed life in motion. Samples from the waking life combine with heavy ambience, creating a portal from internal dialogue to that dizzy feeling you get after coughing up a lung.