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  • øjeRum – Hvid Hvile, Sort Ro – branch tapes

    out of stock

    early synth tracks from øjeRum



    branch tapes 22
    type II chrome tapes
    limited to 30 copies
    artwork varies from copy to copy
    j card & inserts include a poem & collage by øjeRum & picture & collage by branch tapes
    Much thanks to øjeRum for inspiration & collaboration.

  • +you – splashing – branch tapes

    out of stock

    field-recordings at taiwan (summer vacation 2015)

    music recorded in the summer for summertime

    first edition of 12 copies
    type II chrome tapes
    3 versions of cover art, 3 versions of the insert
    branch tapes 23

  • -/- – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 16
    two song, slightly bent mix tape
    limited to 4 copies.

  • tricorn & queue – tapestry head ban – branch tapes

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    given away for free with orders placed on thanksgiving 2015
    limited to 7

    originally released as housecraft 037

    A1 Gilded Feathers/First Flight Over Ashen Trees
    A2 Live @ The 612, Gainseville 7/20/07
    B1 Stone Fleets Home
    B2 Triangled Goldflower/Apache Radiation

  • xiphiidae – interior lamp with leaves – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 08

    Originally released as a 3″ cdr; Housecraft 78; it was given away free with 28 orders.


    1 Untitled 4:40
    2 Untitled 12:12
    3 Untitled 2:06

    same program both sides
    limited to 32 copies.
    two main variations of artwork
    (make a note with your order if you have preference for mountain field or evening clouds(shown))

    Promised lands past the murk. The cool water that lays buried deep. Sunrise meditations.
    Under twenty minutes but you’ve been gone a long time.

  • tuluum shimmering – space is the place / prince of peace – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 11/12

    reissue of 2 cdrs previously issued separately by artist.
    Space is the Place (for Sun Ra) & Prince of Peace ( for Pharaoh Sanders)

    Several years back Jake(Tuluum Shimmering) offered to send recordings out to those who sent him something in the mail.
    I went ahead and sent some things and in return got an amazing box back several weeks later.
    Included were these two discs. Two single track long pieces that just blew me away and continue to blow me away to this day. Over the years the discs Ive owned have become worn or almost lost in the chaos and the need to have these recordings given a second life, especially on a physical format became important in my mind.

    Tuluum Shimmering recordings always seems to head towards somewhere very sacred and these two recordings are some of the strongest journeys for me.
    Much thanks for the chance to release this.

    limited to 22 copies
    inside artwork by me & j.astin.

  • the exhalers – bay of light, frases de entretanto – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 10

    I sat on my stoop at dusk last night remarking on the loss of the divine. How the landscape in front of me now so heavily civilized, felt razed and distant. Within moments the landscape shifted and the power lines and buildings seeped into the background and muted as the landscape exerted it’s true continuous nature that I had just been unable to see.
    These recording seem to bridge that gap; expressing that which is razed but also paying homage to something greater that runs beneath it all.
    There’s a piece on the second side that took me many listens to even hear, to really listen and have set in to my conscious to the point of it being my most favorite part of the tape. It was always there but only the shift of my own perspective brought about true appreciation.
    The artwork, dubbing and putting together of this tape went from deliberate ideas to something that existed beyond my immediate vision; something that brought me out of the sky and down to the point where the sea laps at your feet and the landscape folds out behind your back strong but ebbing at the shore.
    Many thanks for the chance to release this.

    limited to 17 copies
    all dubbed in real time at home
    3 color inserts

    Quão de Quê (Passagem por Menudo)?
    Intervalos de Incorporação

    JCCG | Skhizein
    Enchente da Corrente

    Extracto de lots
    Luck Surf

    Vistas para Quases
    A Moonshine Tale

    *Luck Surf by Cvlts, 2010
    Thanks to Josh

  • günter schlienz – live tape – branch tapes

    out of stock

    branch tapes 009
    limited to 33 copies

    home dubbed & assembled


    01. warszawa, 07.09.2014

    02. lodz, 08.09.2014


    01. köln, 14.03.2015

    02. stuttgart, 20.03.2015

    03. mainz, 05.04.2013

    tracks recorded live with modular synthesizer, tape loops and tapes. thanks to josh for

    support and mastering. kudos to all those wonderful people who made those gigs

    possible, and many thanks to all who came to listen.

  • samuel goldberg – through and threw – branch tapes

    out of stock

    branch tapes 006
    limited to 33 copies

    recorded by Sam and Helen Goldberg during the winter of 2014

    home dubbed & assembled

  • – / –

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    branch tapes 05
    A/B – same program
    limited to 5 copies
    all copies given away

    “walked uphill all night,
    legs striding far into the air in front of us.
    Had to stop occasionally and chase these interconnected masses of bugs;
    imagined aspen trees of the insect world.
    Finally found refuge in a decrepit boathouse on a long wooden pier
    you could feel the tide
    slowly tug on the pilings beneath,
    as the sea pulled itself out.
    Finally the sea came back in and we went home,
    backs bent to the wind behind us.”