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  • urna larvae – brave mysteries – cass

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    After fifteen years of carefully scattering a small handful of cryptic but consistently beautiful artifacts (including three releases on solemnly-revered Slaughter Productions), Italian post-industrialist unit, Urna continues to develope his evocative electro-acoustic devotionals. Witness dreamy epics woven from his wealth of folkish prayer implements and ceremonial electronic enhancements.
    -brave mysteries

  • pwin ▲▲ teaks – aoxomoxoa – brave mysteries

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    Most souls interested in modern underground music have already heard about Mater Suspiria Vision; whether through his breathtaking video output or his brooding dance mixes that all seem to go viral within mere hours of their release. Cosmas De Xam, director, composer, musician and multimedia guru has in recent years saturated the internet with his freakish videos, movies and multiple recording projects. He is also the mastermind behind the prolific Phatasma Disques imprint label, which releases CDX recordings and those of like-minded artists and friends, on very limited edition cdrs; all wrapped in his own fetishistic handmade collage art with Japanese obi-strips. His works are about fanaticism, psychedelia, mystery, nostalgia, drugs, magic; and very, very beautiful women. One of the first of his many highly-publicized obsessions was with Laura Palmer and the Twin Peaks television series. This deadly muse compelled Cosmas to release a two cdr compilations (Phantasma Disques’ “A Witch House & Okkult Guide to Twin Peaks” volumes 1& 2), as well as some mesmerizing videos and a mysterious cdr titled “Inside the Black Lodge”, under the name PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS. “Aoxomoxa” is the follow-up album to this first PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS release. Taking cues from progressive rascals like Nurse With Wound and German oddballs HNAS, Zweistein and Eroc, the music of PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS twists and turns like a kaleidoscopic reptilian nightmare, inducing a torrent of hallucinatory nausea not heard since the early solo tapes of James Ferraro. This vinyl is not only essential for being the only relic of PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS (and one of the very few in CDX’s overall discography) to be released on wax, but this particular record seems to represent a pivotal moment in CDX’s compositional styles. Since this work was finished, the trajectory of Mater Suspiria Vision has shifted from heavily screwed beats and zombie rave music into a continued refining of this very personal style of hypnagogic revelry, first explored through the PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS project. Though the “Witch House” kids may not appreciate or understand the cerebral and abstract direction of his current music, at least all his artwork and videos still have no shortage of Technicolor sex kittens and witchy euro femme fatales galore.
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