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  • widesky – silhouette & the sky emerging – bridgetown records

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    Work on Seth Chrisman’s final album under the Widesky project, “Silhouette, and the Stars Emerging” began over three years ago and was initially intended to be his debut before entering a suspended state of uncertainty. Sourced from field recordings of transportation terminals, aircraft, public spaces and fragmented radio transmissions, “Silhouette…” is a study in the nature of thresholds, transition, and locality. Chrisman augments the sonic properties of physical places with the gentle layering of muted tones plucked from their atmospheres.

  • apollo vermouth – fractured youth – bridgetown records

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    Freezing the cathartic energy of live performance, these serene ambient pieces condense an overwhelming rush and blur of emotions floating in icy stillness. Alisa Rodriguez revisits the echoing memories of growing pains with powerful restraint, shaping and guiding them like the slow descent of fragile snowflakes piling high along the sidewalk. Dedicated to and catalyzed by the critical self-reflection that followed the tragic loss of friend Jessie Blodgett in 2013, “Fractured Youth” is a memorial to the notion that internal growth comes not with age, but with the will to do so.

  • ultra dome – home videos – bridgetown

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    The duo of Rachel Razza (TealFX label) and Jeff Roman (Sky Stadium, Tile, New Future Wanderer)’s recordings encapsulate an optimistic counterpart to the ominous connotations commonly associated with drone and ambient music. “Home Videos” captures the warm, romantic feeling of softened synth pads and bathes them in the murk of tape hiss. Birthed out of the Trenton, NJ basement scene in 2008, Ultra Dome recordings have been few and far between since their formation but are as welcome as any other Sky Stadium-related release for their uncanny ability to raise one’s spirits. What sets the duo apart from Roman’s solo outings is Razza’s subtle focus on rhythm. Murky beats dip below the surface of several songs on “Home Videos,” while twinkling synths float on in a simple and carefree manner.
    Limited to 100 chrome cassettes with color labels, packaged in white cases with full-color, doublesided printing on 80# gloss stock.

  • brahms – pressure – bridgetown

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    Insomniac visual artist and scum zine extraordinaire Jovan Moran bathes somber piano melodies in a rare shower of Southern California rain. A jumble of worn out tape in a waterlogged desktop cassette recorder reveal an innocent purity of post-adolescent negativity. Moran’s first and possibly last publicly released recording documents the treasuring of fleeting moments of comfort that become rarer and make less sense with each passing day. Songs for reflection on the moment you realize that everything has become worse than when you first left it.
    Limited to 60 ferric cassettes.