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  • invisible path – hermetic dreamscapes on the root of our nature – brunch groupe

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    Invisible Path is a lurker’s vessel constructed/helmed by Michael Bailey, former member of San Francisco’s Barn Owl. On his cassette debut, ‘Hermetic Dreamscapes On the Roots of Our Nature’, lantern glow guides our transport through swaths of foggy dream-tone hustled by musty gusts of white noise. High-synth is the collected voice of unseen flora/fauna speaking as melismatic weather systems. Within a cavern, doom drone excavations stir a vestigial swarm of debris to reveal specters of the ancestral or hunger-spun hallucinations thereof. Synth, guitar, lap steel, double bass.

  • rangers / kwjaz lite – angel island – brunch groupe

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    Angel Island hijacks Rangers and KWJAZ where they were last found: Rangers splicing Chic’s depleted thump with Felt’s guitar filament, KWJAZ warping lost ECM tapes into wraiths of artificial intelligence. As a whole, the split charts a single journey planned according to a forged, melting map. Side A is the sound of a languorous car chase, the themes of Suburban Tours brought to a chrome, zero-degree state of allure. Picture the predawn dark of the airport terminal on the cover of La Dusseldorf. On the flip, KWJAZ opens at twilight with trails of landing-pad synth work before diving into a near-house thrust of ring modulated kalimba and drum machines before the remainder unfurls a half-intelligible mix of field recordings and tectonic sub bass. Both movements reveal the artists to be intensifying their sounds while taking oblique left turns into realms that are at once insular and expansive.