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  • innercity / sofie sea & billy a,b – split – bum tapes

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    Sofie Cooper (whose music has appeared in many guises throughout the uk underground) & London based artist Billy A,B create an incredibly colourful palette of dreamscape drones, all woven together with battered late night guitars, keyboards, synths and sepia snapshots of memories. The flip side of the tape is Antwerp’s Innercity, the solo project of Hans Dens whose futuristic experimental beats hit you like a wave of pulsating neon colours, the whole side is one long synth journey which flows with a Kosmiche current in a New Age Ocean.. 40 copies

  • the goat / youth chanpionship – wax hearts melt on / super dreamer infinite being – bum tapes

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    A new cassette from the bumtapes international split series, joining together Youth Championships (UK) (Theo from ‘Lasers from Atlantis’ new solo project) and The Goat (US). Theo’s dreamtime organ chords float through both tracks, accompanied by hushed drones, singing symbols and small pockets of freeform drumming his skillful compositions make for a blissful musical journey. On the split side The Goat takes things to a more up-tempo level, creative beats and breaks drive a series of new-age synth work-outs, short otherworldly voice samples and field recordings drop into the mix at times creating a collage of up-lifting transmissions..

  • wyz – wyz – bum tapes

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    This epic Jam comes from some of the major key players in Europe’s Free-Folk/Improv units, touching on the collective hoedowns of Sunburned Hand of the Man, NNCK and Fuzzed out 70’s Psych Rock communes, this jam session from Finland a few years ago is a one time project called WYZ consisting of Jani (Uton), Jari (Kulkija,Vapaa), Jukka (Rambling Boys), Erno (Garden of Worm) and Veli (Tulasi,Kutomo).These guys channel out a deep, slow building flow of percussion, that grows in size, speed and instruments, steering all member into tranced out submission…

  • tempel lunaire – bum tapes

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    Tempel Lunaire consists of Stefan Kushima (Cruise Family / Tempel Solaire) Artem Bezukladnikov (Kema / Himroshima Bird Market) Eric Arn (Tempel Solaire / Jandeks european tour bassist) and his wife Vanessa Arn. This alliance transmits some radical omissions of cosmic ritualistic drones and mantra’s, buried spirit’s groaning from beneath this cakey sweet goo with whisking percussion palpitating in a slowed down grey area rhythm, kinda like a SPK spliced with old skool Skaters. Some sweet subtle breakdowns, with bows and further ascending groans breaking down furthermore into bare room snare pounding before the ecstasy of the Bside. It strays into luscious pulsations that break into your intoxicated state of mind! This sweet sweet 30 minute cassette exudes an other! 40 copies