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  • rangefinder – night ride – bun tapes

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    You’re instantly moving at 130 kph, the long stretching highway thinning on the horizon, turning to dust in the past behind. There’s a permanent sunset, since the sun now spins horizontally. Shooting stars fall to the east, the closest to darkness we’ll see. The stadium lights of the city replicate the daylight, but from here, practically alone on the salt flats, there’s nothing but dry desert and evening light. Let everything stop, and then spin out of control. Tempos are dancing, the radio sings, and the lost days have past. We never thought the dreamers would win in the end, but we did.

    Night Ride is the debut release of Bun Tapes, available in an unnumbered edition with a full color insert, white and transparent norelco case, and sun-orange imprinted cassettes.

  • soft candy – self portrait – bun tapes

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    I came to the mountain some time ago. My room is filled with clocks that chime out of time and cuckoo, scaring the crows away from my garden. I can sleep and be far away from you, even though sometimes that purple haze crawls over the eastern valley. But you still can’t make it out, stuck like a sandcastle on the beach. At night there are a thousand stars overhead. I have fond memories, because everything has a beginning. In the future, manage your changes. Now, I’m going to make some tea and play with my cat.

    Self Portrait is the second release of Bun Tapes and the debut for Soft Candy, with custom artwork and a full color insert, a white and transparent norelco case, and pomegranate-red imprinted cassettes.