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  • wes tirey – journeyer/forward, melancholy dream – cabin floor esoterica

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    Wes Tirey is a guitarist and singer from Ohio who is currently living in Black Mountain, NC. He is often seen rambling through beautiful sidelong guitar pieces that hum with the ghosts of tradition but here he is in the realm of songs. And by no means are they straightforward folk throwbacks. Things here begin heavy and claustrophobic, covered by washes of reverb, warbling synthesizers and massive crackling organs. There’s a real sense of darkness in the songs. Over long sustained tones Wes calls out drinking-behind-the-church lines like “God is great, God is good, but the body’s better.” The fip side strips things down to their barest elements, everything has been emptied. We are left with Wes’ rattling guitar in a quiet, open room. You can hear the sound of fingernails on strings while his vibrato confidently drives us home.

    An edition of 100 black tapes with painted labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, two inserts (one with information on the release and one handwritten catalog number slip) and a piece of dried fern. Includes digital download.