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  • rag lore – misr environs: cairo recordings & other half truths – cabin floor esoterica

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    Rag Lore is Matthew Russell Boteilho (Poor Farm Editions Press, etc.). This collection of field recordings and 12 string guitar works was recorded and collected during his time in Cairo during the Summer/Winter of 2013. A seamless stream of street radio, disembodied voices and absolutely shimmering strings. Matthew’s guitar work at one moment sounds perfectly at home in the Egyptian desert and at others like he’s still in Virginia. A beautiful blend. Life in varying fidelities. Edition of 50 in chipboard boxes with pasted on art, two inserts (both featuring a photograph by the artist) and two pieces of papyrus.

  • steve palmer & matt beachey – III – cabin floor esoterica

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    If you haven’t heard Steve Palmer’s Unblinking Sun, you are truly missing out on one of the best explorations of Fahey-leaning guitar soli of the modern age. Here joined again with fellow Minneapolitan Matt Beachey (who guested a bit on the aforementioned release) the two bring together guitar and harmonium to meritorious effect. Palmer’s penchant for blending finger-picking instrumental storytelling and the more abstract tape-scene-stylistics of noise and drone is in full-effect here. His guitar cuts through Beachey’s washes of harmonium with a sweet tin-can tone that’ll have you looking to the desert in no time. On the flipside of the tape things turn more towards the clouds as tapewarped harmonium drone and electronic tones seem more likely to soundtrack a quiet moment alone than a rollicking drive down a country road. An edition of 50, packaged in chipboard boxes with a couple of inserts, a piece of dried moss and two gourd seeds. Includes digital download code.

  • the knot – tidewrack – cabin floor esoterica

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    Tidewrack is the debut full-length from The Knot, the Toronto-based cello duo of Tilman Lewis and Nick Storring. Storring should be familiar to some thanks to his wonderful solo recordings on labels like Orange Milk, Entr’acte and Scissor Tail. This duo is an altogether different beast. Storring himself describes The Knot best: “Emerging in summer 2006, with allegiance to both form and freedom, they have since embarked on sonic explorations that draw on various folk traditions and experimental musics. The pair love to bend the instrument’s lyricism, not so much employing extended techniques as but an array of audacious contra-techniques: preparations/ apparati (practice mutes, hair-clips, clamps, wine corks, mallets, egg beaters, plectra etc.). They still, however, permit the instrument’s natural beauty to have its place. These sonorities are channeled and combined into single unified textures, and everything from improvised heterophony, to stark contrast.” An edition of 50, packaged in chipboard boxes with a couple of inserts and a piece of twisted, dried vine. Includes digital download code that also makes available a fifth track that did not fit on the cassette.

  • sparkling wide pressure – night sky body – cabin floor esoterica

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    Tennessee’s Frank Baugh has been operating under the Sparkling Wide Pressure name for the last decade, releasing a steady though not overwhelming stream of tapes, CDrs and records through his own Kimberly Dawn Recordings and a veritable who’s who of hard hitting DIY labels. Here we find Frank with his usual assortment of sounds and instruments, crumbling guitar lines, a flickering chord organ, stray electronic beats and flourishes. He builds a slow moving song scaffolding and drapes it in washes of buzzing, blowing sound. These songs are not hidden and there is no covering of flaws with reverb but rather they are smudged and blurred while keeping moments of clarity and confidence. An edition of 50, packaged in chipboard boxes with a couple of inserts and a small polished black stone. Includes digital download code.

  • adam cadell – street music vol 1 – cabin floor esoterica

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    This marks the first in a series of solo acoustic fiddle improvisations from Brisbane-based musician Adam Cadell. Adam has an eye to history and theory, studying string music in Western Africa, completing a PhD exploring radical violin performance practices in the 1960s counter-culture, and writing extensively about “underground violin” music. This tape is pure string music, a bare violin, spinning hypnotically across wind-blown field recordings of the streets of Brisbane. These improvisations are beautiful and wild, owing as much to the bouncing melodies of traditional folk musics as to the glacial drags of giants like Flynt and Conrad. An edition of 50, packaged in chipboard boxes with a couple of inserts and a piece of linen. Includes digital download code.

  • white fir – lake seeds​ / ​pale smoke laid low – cabin floor esoterica

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    4 tapes with color/painted labels in a cloth drawstring bag with fold out liner notes, a small watercolor painting, an 8 page poem/zine, a photo, and a small painted/handwritten/numbered insert. An edition of 30 copies.
    White Fir was a project from Jordan Spencer using the name R. Franklin. There were three cassettes released between 2010 and 2014. The recordings use a variety of instruments and non-instruments but most prominently feature tape, viola, piano, guitar and microphones.

    The music is often texturally focused, spinning into repetition, cutting in and out with the click of a pause button, speaking to fragmentary memory and borrowing and reconfiguring material from outside and in. There is a certain in-the-moment feeling to the recordings, often recorded and forgotten for months at a time, only to be obsessively rearranged and reworked later. The influences are heavily rooted in words and images as much as sounds and there is an attempt to reach something new and transcendent just as often as there is an attempt at creating a simple comfort. This is music to carry through the day, to remind and cause forgetting, to lay a base for a slow movement.

    I really hope you can find some enjoyment and comfort in it.

    This set includes the entire previously released “Lake Seeds” trilogy, plus a new tape of previously unreleased work titled “Pale Smoke Laid Low”.

    Tape 1: Lake Seeds vol. 1 Whistling Lichen Morn
    Previously released as Cabin Floor Esoterica #21
    in two editions of 11 copies during the summer of 2010
    Tape 2: Lake Seeds vol. 2 An Afternoon in the Hair of the Earth
    Previously released as House of Sun 029
    in an edition of 50 copies during the autumn of 2011
    Tape 3: Lake Seeds vol. 3 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
    Previously released as Ambivalent Soap 008
    in an edition of 40 during the autumn of 2014
    Tape 4: Pale Smoke Laid Low
    Previously unreleased recordings from around 2012 to 2015

  • øjeRum – he remembers there were gardens – cabin floor esoterica

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    øjeRum is the primary audio project of Danish visual artist Paw Grabowski. Here he uses a slow moving organ to create an alternate soundtrack to Chris Marker’s beautiful slideshow-like time travel film La Jetée. Those familiar with the film with have no difficulty in recalling the flashes of a destroyed world, the status of the museum, and the moment on the platform. Even if you haven’t seen the film, the breathing of Grabowski’s organ will conjure similar images and moments. It fluctuates between the drifts and falls and the throb and hum of a person lost in time and place.

    Note: Program repeats on both sides. An edition of 50 white tapes with printed labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, three inserts (one an image from the film, one a vellum information sheet and one handwritten catalog number slip) with a piece of corrugated tubing. Includes digital download.

  • wes tirey – journeyer/forward, melancholy dream – cabin floor esoterica

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    Wes Tirey is a guitarist and singer from Ohio who is currently living in Black Mountain, NC. He is often seen rambling through beautiful sidelong guitar pieces that hum with the ghosts of tradition but here he is in the realm of songs. And by no means are they straightforward folk throwbacks. Things here begin heavy and claustrophobic, covered by washes of reverb, warbling synthesizers and massive crackling organs. There’s a real sense of darkness in the songs. Over long sustained tones Wes calls out drinking-behind-the-church lines like “God is great, God is good, but the body’s better.” The fip side strips things down to their barest elements, everything has been emptied. We are left with Wes’ rattling guitar in a quiet, open room. You can hear the sound of fingernails on strings while his vibrato confidently drives us home.

    An edition of 100 black tapes with painted labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, two inserts (one with information on the release and one handwritten catalog number slip) and a piece of dried fern. Includes digital download.

  • troy schafer – untitled no. 3 – cabin floor esoterica

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    Troy Schafer is a violinist and sound artist from Madison, WI and here he continues his series of short-form, compressed musique concrete and free improvisation pieces. Side A is an acoustic exploration of screams, scrapes and deep vibrating bellows. Moments of a silent room captured almost as often as the raucous cloud of unknown objects, shaking and calling out. Side B is erratic, untold hours of material chopped together into an unrelenting ride. Dirty synthesizer grinds collide with time shifting rewind/fast-forward movements, environmental recordings and tape workouts.

    An edition of 100 grey tapes with painted labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, three inserts (one a statement from the artist, one with photography from the artist, and one handwritten catalog number slip) and either a tuning peg (24 copies) a broken string (34 copies) or bow hair (42 copies) from the artist. Items are randomly selected.

  • Hala Strana – c64/c81/c44/2xc42 – cabin floor esoterica

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    From 2003 to 2010 Steven R. Smith recorded under the name Hala Strana. Using an assortment of instruments (some handmade, like his hurdy gurdy and spike fiddle) Smith recreated and re-imaged traditional Eastern European folk music, making the songs his own. This has really got it all – from his crumbling guitar to the dancing fiddle, stove-pipe percussion and the occasional tape warble. There hasn’t been anything quite like this since. At times the songs are intensely cinematic, at others beautifully chaotic. These songs are are here to transport you. The box includes five tapes with all the recorded Hala Strana output, including ‘Compendium’ a previously digital-only collection of outtakes, compilation and EP tracks. Limited to 50 copies tied in twine and laid on a bed of wood shavings in a chipboard box with pasted-on full color art, a twelve page booklet of notes, two handwritten and numbered inserts on handmade paper, two vintage Eastern European postage stamps and a risograph print.

    Note: there will not be digital sales/downloads for this release.