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  • hering und seine sieben sachen – nautical twilight- cae-sur a

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    Hering und seine sieben Sachen is the kosmische solo vehicle of one Daniel Voigt (Autistic Argonauts, Pawned Pajamas, Horzes, Phantom Limbo). Nautical Twilight is comprised of five compositions that submerge the listener deep under a gauzy surface of rippling bass frequencies and shimmering pulses that float their way to the ear as if transmitted from thousands of miles away from the dark recesses of the ocean.
    Recorded in July 2010.
    Hand numbered edition of 100.”

  • steve baczkowski – tone arm – cae-sur a

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    “Known primarily for his work on baritone sax in a variety of duo and trio formats with the likes of Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Ravi Padmanabha and most recently Bill Nace, Steve Baczkowski unleashes his first recorded solo outing that pushes his improvising techniques and sonic palette to a whole new level on Tone Arm. The foundation of the piece is maintained through looping and tone arm manipulation of home modified vinyl records over which Baczkowski introduces melodies, whistles, scratches, squeaks, squawks and bellows through bird whistles, baritone sax, flutes, and bells.
    Recorded live Sugar City, Buffalo New York, May 30th 2010.
    Hand numbered Edition of 100.”

  • pine smoke lodge – season above lakes – cae-sur a

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    With the sonorous bray of the hunting horn Pine Smoke Lodge transport their audience back in time to ancient primeval forests and mist-enshrouded landscapes. Season above Lakes is an earthy pagan byway where semi-identifiable sounds shimmer around the periphery creating a sense of unease and wonder. Recorded live at Sugar City in Buffalo New York, 30of May 2010. Hand numbered edition of 100.

  • baldruin – schatten & lichter – cae-sur a

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    Sleepwalking in lost memories, a hairy goblin processes ambient Lo-Fi nightmarish tales on keyboard, flute, found objects and percussion. Recalling images from childhood days in the Bavarian woods, these Madeleines taste like cold sweat; dark, romantic and surreal elegies for a past never experienced, only imagined. Some call it “Hauntology”, we call it Bavarian Gothic. Schatten & Lichter provides ten sonic stillborn changelings at midnight, preserved and presented here on tape. -Holger Adam, Phantom Limbo
    Hand numbered edition of 100.

  • velvet elvis – favorite horses – cae-sur a

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    Thundering in like a psychedelic unicorn from outer space, Velvet Elvis is the five-headed Hydra of stoner rock. Expanding across the galaxy in their own Ship of the Imagination, the exceptionally crafted songs on Favorite Horses pummel the listener with their heavy riffing and crooning voices.

  • giant claw / the cats’ orchestra – split – cae-sur a

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    Paired here on our first split release is Russia’s The Cats’ Orchetsra with Ohio’s Giant Claw. Each of these artists have had some significant releases this past year and this one works to solidify them each with the highe echelons of experimental analog composition.

    Giant Claw’s Righteous -Injustice- HellEarth is a vlissed out suite of warbling tapes and swooping phases colliding with wild oscillations that ecolve into a Riley-esque dervish. On the flip, The Cats’ Orchestra’s Tail Tale invokes the spirits through a séance for organ and ghost percussion; a welcome meditative calm following the hyperactivity of the former.

    Hand numbered limited edition of 100, pro printed on heavy card stock.