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  • julia ladense and dmah – dead birds – cassapes

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    DMAH has been playing his Colombian noise creating harsh sounds and bewildering experimental sounds. A mesmerizing display of droning noise and buzzing. Julia LaDense, an all-American experimentalist that tinkers with cassette tapes and lo-fi speakers and amps. The thought or idea of putting the two together in collaboration produces a sense of lost disbelief. How could two completely different artist produce a cohesive sound that would be interesting and good. Somehow the two pull it off in an ode to Dead Bird – the graffiti artist – DMAH and Julia create an experimental sound similar to street art – raw, dynamic, and challenging. Extremely limited c62 on yellow tapes. Artwork by Dead Bird from Colombia. Limited to 20 on c62 [yellow]. Each tapes comes with 4×4 painting by Julia LaDense

  • julia ladense / aisle ‎– fall – cassapes

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    The titled is derived from moments of collapse – not dissimilar to the autumn season – everything falls and one is left bare. Stripped from our costumes and left alone. Originally taken from a piece to be titled “The Word” I provide a mixture of radio frequencies and church sermons to help capture these moments of complete abandonment and resurrection. Whether I accomplished this or not I am not sure. Either way – its a 47 minute tape. Aisle provides a strong mix of Africa by some artist I don’t like and a mix of old and new sounds as a great introduction from a stellar mind and body.