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  • prostitutes – mandarin siblings – centre tapes

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    Performing and recording as Prostitutes, James Donadio’s work has helped shape the current landscape of underground electronic music in the US. Nearly impossible to pin down or classify, Prostitutes has transcended the mutant style or abrasive noise-influenced techno scene of which it is regularly lumped in with. “Mandarin Siblings”, like his releases on Spectrum Spools, Diagonal, Opal Tapes and others, has a deeply humanistic quality, and an unparalleled sense of timelessness and identity. This release is culled from years of sessions, giving this release a unique feel in the way that each track stands on it’s own, yet maintains a powerful singular vision.

  • barnett/ortmann – seasonal attrition – centre tapes

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    Seasonal Attrition” marks the first collaborative release of Andy Ortmann and Alex Barnett under their surnames. However, these musicians have a history which includes some overlapping with their various projects. Ortmann, a long-time Chicago Experimental music fixture, earned that title largely due to his work as Panicsville. Barnett has more recently been introduced to listeners through his solo work and Barnett + Coloccia project. With such immense experience in far-out electronics and an equipment list too long to mention, this release explores many different zones to a dizzying and far out effect. “Seasonal Attrition” teems with free and abstract synthesis, psychedelic drones with a strange murky left-field exotica vibe.

  • khaki blazer – aspirin mask – centre tapes

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    “Aspirin Mask” adds to the bevy of recent head scratchers by Khaki Blazer. His outrageous and dizzying bouquet of samples and who-knows-what? evokes moods of Skaters and David Tudor. Pat Modugno, the man behind the deeply confusing and psychedelic project, is also known for his work in Ohio’s weirdest and best band, Moth Cock. However, the music of Khaki Blazer is entirely unique due to Modugno’s sense of humor and abilities to create so much out of so little. Despite the nuances of humor in his work, it’s the sincerity and depth which make his work remarkable.

  • chemtrails – destiny demos – centre tapes

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    Chemtrails is the recording and performing moniker of Jeff Host. Although his output has been significantly limited, and his performances seldom, Host has made a stamp on heads around the midwest. This particular cassette presents his work plainly and simply. Humbly recorded straight to cassette tape, his hyper-calm approach to minimal techno unfolds, disconnects and reconnects beautifully. These synthesizer demonstrations perfectly shows Host’s ability to lean into a synth patch and create ornate hard synced compositions.

  • colored mushroom & the medicine rocks – the gold manor eclipse – centre tapes

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    Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks are an electronic music group which is currently producing music and living in Cleveland, Ohio. These works were created in Cleveland and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Listen closely and perhaps you can hear the two different atmospheres’ reflections in the sound. “The Gold Manor Eclipse” is a concise release made up of treasure-like progressions and clouds of breathtaking mellotron. Colored Mushroom present a unique take on synthesizer prog that glows with glossy hi-hat snaps and deep drum patterns. The locked in drum machines are balanced by synthesizers and electronics that never agree to go straight down the middle. Similar to (the ensemble’s maestro) John Elliott’s work as Outer Space and Imaginary Softwoods, the songs move forward but remain hardly predictable. The songs are packed with charging movements and space to breathe. Breathe to them, move to them, and let them move you.

  • radio people – fall on mars – centre tapes

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    “Fall on Mars” was completed by Samuel Goldberg and Adam Miller in the Fall of 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio at his home studio. The title-track serves well as a reintroduction to the project since last year’s “Night Club” on Treasure. It begins as a slow release of scattery synthesizer bop that builds to spill out echoes of fluorescent pads and minimal sequences. From there, the tape continues to loosen up and casts off into rich zones of rhythms and field recordings. Like many Radio People releases, present are the blankets of neon sound and emotive progressions of organ and synthesizer. “Fall on Mars” points outwardly to the planets while remaining in the real and present of a Midwest autumn. The Mars One team will be reaching their destination in 2025, enjoy a preview to what fall on Mars could feel like.

  • brett naucke – pitch documents – centre tapes

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    Brett Naucke is an electronic musician living in Chicago, Illinois. His past works, such as “The Visitor” on NIHILIST and “Seed” on Spectrum Spools introduced many listeners to his unique scope. He brings humanistic qualities and a keen sense of minimalism to a synthesizer system with infinite sounds. These tracks are documents of a constantly tinkering musician at his home studio; exploring music to share it with listeners, but more importantly to move forward in a deeply personal journey. Dig in to his beautifully arching modular synthesizers compositions and join him. These works stretch with elasticity and are somehow also tightly wound. The pieces are fluid and glued with rhythms and pulses that propel and take rests beautifully and naturally. His work here presents itself like a sea of galaxies loosely simplified and then neatly folded onto the head of a pin.

  • comet bodies – human vapors

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    julian of cylindrical habitat and buddy adam miller who does isle of sodor cook up some darrrrk zones, somewhat of an industrial release from these two , while most kids there age are chugging beer thru a funnelor forming a neon crystal feather boa drocal band or a combo of both , these kids are harvesting raw sounds with all the right intentions, true stuff.

  • nature camp – sinth

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    a new duo out of cleveland, side a is a guitar heavy kraut romp with steady percussion and side b is a classic weirdo newcomer freak out ala early early spooky tan dream

  • radio people – avalon

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    a somewhat claustrophobic radio people release, still a steady elegant roedelius vibe that can put the listener at ease