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  • Lieven Martens Moana – the bells from above – edicoes CN

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    One time only edition of 25 hand cut flexi discs. Comes with a double sided Riso print including related photography and text.
    “Aloiafi” is a series of limited run lathe cuts, flexi discs and cassettes. This is Part One of the series.

    “The Bells From Above” is a cyclic poem in three parts.
    “Magma”, where the voices mime wayward lines and movements of the unsettling thrusts in the magma chamber.
    “The Eruption”, a transitive and ascending sound, increasing its vigor, bursting into an ecstatic silence.
    The expiration, “Alle Menschen Werden Steinen”, where the birds and frogs sing the drums. And where the lava’s path embraces emblems of pahoehoe.

    In the Divehi language, lava means “a song”.

  • kob – loops & yamaha cs1 

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    Laurent Cartuyvels (of R.O.T., Veglia Records, …) presents sparse signals and dusty cassette loops. a really crude yet satisfying album… this tape is perfect stuff as a sountrack to your collection of expensive moondust.

  • pink buffalo – made in the shade – taped sounds

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    more old school subdued tape works and synth riddles by Eric Fry.

  • zim zim zim – the private tapes

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     psychedelic women duo. strange vibes. a collage from different sessions.

  • huur is duur – s/t

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    all acoustic minimal soundwaves and tickles by actor / musician Christophe Piette (of R.O.T., Ysengrinus, etc) and cook / musician Wietske Van Gils (of Zim Zim Zim, Pulsating In The Eye Of Vision, etc). strange nostalgic sound stories, created by two singular beings of the Belgian jam-out scene. side a is a liveshow recorded during the “Los Van Woorden” series in The Hague, the monthly gatherings into sound poetry and similar modes. side b are two parts of a radiosession, recorded live on our inhouse “De Oceaan Der Geluid” radioshow wich sounds like collected strange rural happenings from the barn…. the whole album defenitly reminds me a bit of a weird lost episode of the Slowscan catalogue, wich is allways a good thing!

  • kian sandalen – all tracks are protest sonds

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    solo, (and debut!) album by this member of the Antwerp free-music troupe Sheldon Siegel. in Sheldon Siegel, Gerard explores the outer limits of improvisational music and free jazz. as a Solo Unit though, he creates a stripped down radioplay / collage / musique concrete vision of the creative, strange, remarkably funny / tongue in cheeck at some point, and remarkably singular young mind. the man embarks on the path of a combination of free soundsearching mouths a la Jos Steen, Blaastaal and maybe even Al Hansen.