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  • lieven moana / dolphins into the future – two colours, nourished by recent rain – cetacean nation

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    C31 cassette
    an archival tape with two of my favorite personal works which are historically and “geographically” linked. Ke Ala Ke Kua (2010. the sidelong title track from the sold out lp and cassette Ke Ala Ke Kua) and Spirits And Landscapes (2010. from the sold out collaborational lp and cassette with visual artist Ada Van Hoorebeke, Eternal Landscapes). both based on fieldrecordings, music and impressions, collected above Atoll Valley. both sides are a serenade towards one specific “landscape”. being the Kealakekua Bay, a heartbreakingly beautiful / multi-level bay on Big Island Hawai’i, b/w Spirits And Landscapes, an inspired / inspiring visual work by Ada Van Hoorebeke.

  • dolphins into the future – canto arquipélago – cetacean nation communication

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    archival release of the sold out lp on Underwater Peoples. the grand finale of the Dolphins Into The Future era. this album is an exact reproduction of the many powers and rhythms (on many levels) of the archipelago, in this case, the archipelago of volcanic origin. all the sounds are recorded, created, and mixed on a fourtrack cassette and laptop both suffering from the humidity and heat, and a tiny boombox in situ on the gorgiously intense Açores islands. likewise for all the “on site” fieldrecordings, recorded with a great Marantz Pro Fieldrecorder. afterwards beautifully mastered by Graham Lambkin. this is a rare “modern” example of a naturalistic music album, a sort of “answer” to the “exotic” or “idealising” or “ambient” school. this album got both 10 out of 10’s and 0 out of 10’s from the many press out there. i even got hints that i deleberately created a polemic work. as in “on purpose”. as in make something beautiful so complex (?) to upset the many minds (?)…. well i didn’t.

  • lieven moana – salmoura – cetacean nation communications

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    fieldrecordings and writings from the Gulf Stream. i little study on observational writing and impressionistic field recording… . an evocation of both the sunset and the sunrise in this glorious Stream Of Consciousness. sounds of rain, waves touching the harbor quay, many birds, farmers in their trucks, the surf, winds, branches, breakers, dew, chanticleers, dogs, crickets, etc. counterpointed w/ writings about all these and much more.

  • lieven moana as dolphins into the future – writing b/w suspires – cetacean nation communications

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    C50 cassette
    computer music b/w electronic music. two side long sonatas. these two compositions sound vaguely like the next cassette in this list, yet unlike “Two Colours… ” , this release is truly composed and more sparsely excecuted. i’ve studied for years, for years…. (ah ah ah) the a side is a midi tracking of the life under the Umbrella Pine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pinien_La_Brena2004.jpg. the b side is a personal tracking of the sensual movements of The Island in classical music http://0.tqn.com/d/gohawaii/1/0/j/a/4/natural_wonders_010.jpg.

  • dolphins into the future – a star maker, strange dreams & clairvoyance – cetacean nation

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    cetacean nation cassette, limited artist edition / tour version of the NNA Tapes version

    Four new studies on the eternal landscape. Starting off with a variation on a Coral Island Poem, before heading into an idios kosmos of collaged phrases.
    Written and recorded at Cetacean Nation Studios, Ilha Do Pico, Açores.
    Press Release:
    “Naturalist visionary Lieven Martens brings us along the latest voyage of his musical vessel, Dolphins Into The Future. “A Star Maker, Strange Dreams, and Clairvoyance” induces a state of lucid dreaming where we experience tales of romance, stargazing, cosmic motion, and eternity. Not unlike a painter’s brush, Martens utilizes a sound palette of colorful, synthesized organics to bring the listener directly into the vivid and exotic world that Dolphins has spent years cultivating. After much anticipation, we’re very pleased to offer the latest creation of a true hero of the Nu New Age.”