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  • nils quak – tage später sind es jahre – cosmic winnetou

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    “few days later years are gone”. never heard a shorter description of the big surprise that happens one certain day while you see yourself in the mirror at early morning. you still fell this certain anger that makes you throw your fistfull of noise against everything. you still feel adrift in this disturbing world, makes you grab for everything beautful available. so nothing happened at all, but who the hell is this guy in the mirror? is this me? who am i?
    powerful and heartbreaking electronic music for those who are young at heart.

  • micromelancolié – order of disappearance – cosmic winnetou

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    gosh. i know this house is haunted. chilling winds out of the nowhere, though i’m sure i’ve closed the window. my seventh sense tells me there is somebody or something behind the next corner. my cat behaves strange. jumping on my lap, starring into the nowhere.

    drones and sounds like out of a different world.
    so hauntingly beautiful you will never forget.

  • gimu – the whole world is tired today – comsic winnetou

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    it has never worked: the ghostly loop has always appealed to me so I just kept it in hopes one day it would become something. it has, now. the title is just one of those lines one may say a lot in their lifetimes, no matter how hard they’ve tried, “it has never worked”.
    if they’re running, there’s a runaway bus coming: cosmic spasm and a floating tune. it’s all about the atmos.
    when i fully understood why some people wanna die: a piece of a song I composed when I was in my first band. It just sounded so good when it was pitched down, I had to create something with it.
    a heart transplanted twice: did you know a transplanted heart can be transplanted again? I didn’t! And, yes, it can, according to what I learned from watching a very popular soap in brazil many months ago.
    i say i am never late but we both know sometimes i am: I grew older being very proud of the fact I was always a very punctual person and then one day I realized I was no more and that made me sad, the feeling of losing everything, even self-control
    the next dying generation: or how to use sounds you rip off a song you absolutely love by a band very few know of.
    the days off afternoon sleep i truly do hate: the saturday afternoon naps I absolutely love.
    prematurely aging bones: months ago I found out I’ve got prematurely aging bones and have been taking new pills, more pills (…) ever since.
    feel it closing in: shortly before my old band died, a guy who could play the accordion came and joined us. we jammed, it was beautiful and it went nowhere. I’ve never met him again. he’d emailed me a file, some seconds of him playing that accordion. one day I found that file and… a piece of it has become “feel it…”. so simple, so beautiful, so touching.
    gimu’s words about each single track of this album.

    each single track of this album makes you feel the bittersweet melancholy of this tired planet spinning in the void. go and buy this tape, it’ll will make you feel at home, somehow.

  • pulse emitter – outdoor session – cosmic winnetou

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    portland based synthesizer obsessor daryl groetsch toted his gear into his backyard last august for an outdoor session. this was the first time pulse emitter recorded outside. “it was very inspirational. it’s normaliI guess for an acoustic musician to take their stuff outside but not so much for electronic musicians”. groetsch said about the jam. “i had actually played an outdoor fest right around the same time and got a taste of it then. something about seeing the sky and plants while playing is good. the music was improvised using a setup that has become my new favorite way of playing, i’ve done more (inside) recordings in this style since. playing outside is definitely different with the sun beating down on you and your instruments, and ants crawling over everything, and flying insects, but it’s all part of the experience”. mike haley, tabs out
    lovely synth stuff to lose yourself into it. recommended for listening sessions with sunbeams on your skin. but its magic works without that too, promise.

  • panabrite – wasteland cycle – cosmic winnetou

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    no matter where you find yourself, whether it’s in a far flung remote desert or a small town motel with an incessant barking dog nearby, you are living your own perpetual wasteland cycle. you return home and immediately are thrown back into it as well, as if you never left. this is a travelogue for the subconscious mind living these experiences; little vignettes and memories of place, arbitrary voices, strange sights, dull and ordinary rituals…

  • glass house – haruspex – cosmic winnetou

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    c44. recorded over 8 months in 2013 and 2014, haruspex is the third full length release by the brooklyn/philadelphia based glass house. consisting of two side-long pieces written for various electronic, stringed and percussion instruments, the album follows the trajectory set by the duo’s previous effort, keeping to the void. here, dense drones oscillate between moods both light and dark, punctuated by heavily processed field recordings and an undercurrent of musicality that implies influences ranging from doom metal to classical.

  • sunroom / deep catalogue – – self titled / hesperides – cosmic winnetou

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    sweet and soft synths for lonely afternoons. what transports you almost instantly to the regions of tender memories? those gentle harmonies? these lullaby like melodies? nevermind, just let it flow, it feels so good… aaah. please, press play again.

    guitar and synths droning you into the bliss of a perfect evening. everything is just on its place, your breathing is slow and steady, your mind wander into the landscape of wonderful memories. just one thing disturbs your tranquil mood: the tape will be over in a minute. would you be so kind to share this perfect moment with me? would you be so nice to rewind the tape?

  • banana pill – weave – cosmic winnetou

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    not that i know much about finnland. up there in the north, quite cold, lots of darkness around the year, northern lights, you name it. not that i cared too much about this unknown country. but since i know banana pill’s music, which evokes such cosy warmness, sends such gentle flashing light signals to your lost soul, gives you this precious feeling that not all and everything is useless and painful; because sasha and dimitri do such beautiful sound paintings up there, which create fragile ever moving aurorea to your inner screen and touches your soul at regions you had forgotten the very moment you discover santa clause is a hoax, now i know i have to visit finnland. perhaps banana pill’s country will inspire me same way. would be nice.

  • asphodel aoikigahara, the black sea of trees TALsounds & steffi neuhuber – barren is – cosmic winnetou

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    hundreds of suicides and ephemera related and hint giving of their story left behind by the leavers. the album focuses on the sense of loss.sometimes welcoming, giving one a place to be, a place one can dissolve into and ring as one in the earth. a bliss, a meditation on not being, a relief from human natures cruelty and itself forever. but sometimes one can’t shake of the feelings of lost grace, a once green and sunny heart turning into a disintegrating piece of coal with the truths and the lies. these emerge feelings of darkness, despair and a definite isolation against the world. and all these form a deep meditation upon giving your live, returning to the soil in a ceremonial gesture and the expecting a bliss of “not being” within the shades.

    far from her native vienna, austria, steffi neuhuber met natalie chami at an experimental show at collaboraction during a visit to chicago. their friendship blossomed by way of their shared interests in electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient music, and strong feminism in the experimental music scene. “barren is” documents a series of the duo’s live sessions, presented here as recorded at chami’s home, without overdubs. the musicians sought to build a shared language in their short time together, pieced together from delay trails, long loops, suspended synth tones, and whispered vocalization. neuhuber performed on contrabass recorder. chami sang, played synthesizers, and processed/looped sounds with pedals.

  • venn rain – crepuscular raze – cosmic winnetou

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    “recorded in london during the summer riots of 2011”
    jimmy billingham, liner notes to „crepuscular raze“
    “the [2011 summer] riots have generated significant ongoing debate among political, social and academic figures about the causes and context in which they happened.”
    wikipedia, „2011 england riots“
    jimmy billingham’s last release under his „venn rain“ moniker adds a cultural nuance to this ongoing debate. have the suspicion that he felt like being in the eye of the storm recording his „crepuscular raze“. his trademark foggy drones with guitar feedback and fx and stuff makes you feel like lost in a capsule staggering into the outer realms of your inner space. very far out but hey, it feels so good! and keep in mind, the „real“ world around you is and will always be just plain crazy.
    buy this tape and keep sane. full stop.