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  • airbird/megafortress – split – curatorial club

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    ****art by Megazord****
    Old skool buds team up to populate this C30 chromatic tape in various synthetic forms.
    Airbird (aka Joel Ford of Games) brings big beats and piano house over transposed vox on jams like “Part of the Game” and “King for the Night”, while “Somewhere in a Field” dwells in galactic gurgles and satellite field recordings. It’s all encompassing, and I didn’t even mention that he also tries on the Beach Boys “Surfer Girl.” Airbird going H.A.M right now. #watchout
    Side B is a mythic region inhabited solely by Bill Gillim, the lone proprietor of the Megafortress. Over four movements, Gillim zones in on the internal chaos, harvesting tones from a DX-7 in the midst of the night. “Allelujah” is a hybrid journey into a prophetic digital gospel, while “Mega Fortress IV” showcases Gillim’s way with an EWI and VE-20. Pretty much just waiting for Kanye to jack a Megafortress vox samp at this point. Oh yeah, and if you haven’t seen his video for Freedom From Fear, watch it now. It’s not on the tape, but it’s striking, and an excellent example of where Megafortress is heading…I think?
    – curatorial club

  • arches – curatorial club

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    Unsure of what lay before them, a few young men searching for reassurance headed into a church to explore the negative space floating above. What came out of the sessions is a C20 reimagining summer as a self-reflective purgatorial state, where everything slowed to a near-pause before life once again took over. Arches have been mining this lucid reflective state for a minute, examining the ins-and-outs of everyday life like molecular biologists searching for fractal bacteria under a microscope. What emerges is a sound that feels like opening a yearbook a year after you got it, and wondering what happened to all the faces you used to see wandering the halls daily. Some are forgotten, others etched into nooks of the mind.

  • cascaders – curatorial club

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    Permeating from the depths of Slob City, Cascaders channels the buzz of a late night TV drone projecting silent infomercials onto lucid dreams. The musical project of Jamie Granato (Men & Women, Co-Founder of Group Tightener) is a luminous meditation on modern living in urban society, where the space floating between fits of consciousness is more telling than the random bits & pieces of memories left scattered on the street.

  • family portrait – curatorial club

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    The morning after their reunion at the Micro-Pixel-Rites loft jam, Family Portrait reconvened in Brooklyn to jam on Sunday Brunch radio. While Mimoun, Sawyer and Brody played together for the first time in months the night before, their live radio jam was the first time all four original members of Family Portrait had played together since the inaugural Underwater Peoples Summer Showcase in August of 2009. Familiar faces sat indian style on the floor in awe. A few choice words from some in attendance:

    “It was a heavy session fueled with heavy smoke blasts and riffs, cyclical and meditative like a balloon that keeps floating upward.” Matt Mondanile

    “I couldn’t see much of anything because there was so much smoke, but I’m pretty sure there were about 10,000 people in the studio that day — not to mention all the tailgate parties in front of the high school outside.” Emilie Friedlander, Visitation Rites

    “There was definitely a morning-after vibe during that brunch set. Possibly out of consideration for our hangovers, their usual heart-throbbin’ rockstar nighttime vibe was replaced with something softer and, dare I say, more sincere.” Elise Oh, Pixel Horse

    “I walked in late, almost halfway through the set. A huddled mass of spectators glared up at me, wide-eyed, and almost cautionary. Dark Magic was brewing. A single howl arose from Family P’s uncharacteristically murky depths: ‘Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock!'” Alex Bleeker

  • future shuttle – west & green – curatorial club

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    Recorded on a sunny evening on Greenpoint’s river edge, this live improvisational set from Future Shuttle finds the synth duo exploring temporal atmosphere while submerged in an infinite sea of newly born stars. Recorded live on a Sony handheld tape recorder during a Future Shuttle live installation at the opening of the Art Unit at West & Green on April 13th 2010. The recording featurs Camilla Padget-Coles and Jessa Farkas on synthesizers and Lizzie Harper on Flute.

  • spermwhales- the seven openings of the head – curatorial club

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    Originally conceived as a gateway to meditation, the spiraling ambiance of Spermwhales doesn’t feature any nature recordings, but the natural world is most definitely present. The debut from the Maryland-based ambient artist, The Seven Openings of the Head, hints at the tropi-waves ridden by Ducktails, but veers left, trading surf dotted melodies for hyper-dimensional exploration before catching the last boat to tripper’s island.

  • sultan – the moon – curatorial club

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    Subtle tones creeping through the sentient Autumnal air, this reissue of Sultan’s The Moon materializes from the invisible mist hanging in the air. Recorded in March of 2010, the tape fittingly begins with “Overture”, a sweeping and grandiose opening statement, as faded and hushed as “There Goes My Girl”, Sultan’s wondrous tune that closed Blackburn Recordings Various Deficiancies V.1 compilation. Kayla gave The Moon, a collection of five extended cuts, to a handful of friends, but this is the first time it will be available in larger quantities. Highly recommended for fans of haunting acid-folk, damaged tape excursions and restrained beauty.atorial club

  • zonotope™- excellent realms – curatorial club

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    Found out we had a secret undergounr pyramid they had built underneath the building over there, a large full frame copper pyramid that you could go down into the chamber, crawl up inside of and sit down in the thing and I tell ya, you go off planet right there. This thing has an accelerator on top of it that sends your mind off into different places. When I was young my mother taught me a little bit about how the mind works and how you get outside of your body anyway, so I did my usual thing that I do…but inside the pyramid, which had been built for Billy by these extraterrestrials – they told him how to build it – huh, it real accelerates your meditation and your thoughts and your individual spiritual powers…so there were a lot of real unusual things going on there. – Randy Winters