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  • expo 70 – filer a l’Anglaise – deep distance

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    Next up on Deep Distance following a full sold out back catalogue thus far (Kosmonaut / JD Emmanuel / Kohn etc) is the long promised mighty new EXPO 70 full length. Released as a pressing of 500 only on mauve, red and black splatter wax with embossed DD insert…

    The LP features 3 extended jams from the latter days of the working relationship between mainman Justin Wright and Matt Hill (prior to his wonderful recordings under the ‘Umberto’ moniker). Recently unearthed by Justin specifically for this vinyl release (although watch out for an extended version for cassette only later) the set starts with the wonderful zoned out pulse of “Acerbic Lament” interspersed by JW’s piercing guitar tones and textures.

    “Winter of Discontent” is more organic, otherworldly and in places reminiscent of some of the early Popol Vuh catalogue. The reverse features the epic sidelong “Ceremony of the Blind”; constituting 3 parts and to these ears represents one of the finest sides to the huge Expo 70 catalogue. A compelling cosmic soundscape punctuated by evolving waves of carefully constructed synth and guitar drone with flurries of percussive pulse, particularly on the closing section “Eternal The Night”.

    Another essential addition to the ever growing Expo 70 collection- a one off pressing on gorgeous coloured wax with 2 inserts in awesome JW designed sleeve, expected to sell out quickly…

  • jd emmanuel – trance formations ii: into separate realities – deep distance

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    It’s fair to say that Deep Distance is incredibly honoured to be able to bring you this stunning new set from JD EMMANUEL. A legendary figure whose seminal works from 1981 / 1982, (especially the Riley / Glass / Reich inspired “Wizards”) on his own private press imprint “North Star Productions”, were given fresh relevance upon re-release in 2007 by Lieven Martens’ (Dolphins Into the Future).

    Picked up later by Important Records, “Wizards” never quite slipped out of focus, it’s meditational, blissful pulse inspiring all manner of kosmische / minimal synth heads with it’s uniquely personal warmth; and it’s timely reissues couple with Aguirre’s release of this LP’s preceding set; “Trance Formations I” have firmly cemented Emmanuel’s reputation aided by stunning yet infrequent live sets in recent years.

    The set here, in the artist’s own words “was composed during the 1990’s on the road while travelling cross country for my job; using a Yamaha QY-10 synth module/sequencer or Korg X5DR synth module and a Novation MM10 keyboard into my Windows laptop using Cakewalk computer sequencing/recording software. Finishing them on my PC with Cakewalk with either/and 2 Ensoniq ESQ-M’s synthesizer modules and a Korg X5DR synthesizer module.”

    Six beautifully personal, zoned pieces and an essential companion to Emmanuel’s esteemed body of work. Released on The Great Pop Supplement’s side label “Deep Distance” in an edition of 500, March 2013.

  • kohn – soulastalgia

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    Kohn is the project of Belgian Jurgen De Blonde, and following several essential releases on K-RAA-K, Sloow Tapes and FMR, his new album for ‘Deep Distance’ is just incredible and further adds to his esteemed body of work created since 1998. A perfect companion for longterm fans and newcomers alike and a killer intro to his extraordinary live side featuring 6 improvised cosmic jams…

    Containing a hand picked set of live pieces recorded in a number of venues in Belgium, France and Germany whilst touring his last LP “Random Patterns”. As Jurgen himself says on the sleeve notes: “I took the concept of “Random Patterns” on the road and developed it during several shows looking for ways to expand it or approach it differently, recording every show and distilling my favourite pieces for this album”.

    Presented as a numbered 250 pressing LP in red, embossed single colour themed sleeves as a homage to the killer series of gallery / private press edition Conrad Schnitzler LPs from the early to mid 70s; If just one piece of music could encapsulate why label head Dom devised this kraut / kosmische side project to The Great Pop Supplement, then the opener here “Berlin-Colln” fits just perfect. An incredible, nigh on essential, cosmic synth trip. fabulous.

  • black unicorn – rediscovering infinity

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    Black Unicorn is the solo synth project of Akron, Ohio based Curt Brown (Cane Swords, Rubber City Noise).

    “Rediscovering Infinity” is a debut on wax and compiles 5 killer, evocative synth pieces, acting perfectly as an introduction to his work. 3 tunes here previously seeing the light of day on tiny run cassette and cdr releases, whilst the monumental title track (recorded especially for this project) is constructed as a 5 part movement that reinterprets an earlier theme as a story of cosmic awakening and redemption.

    Black Unicorn’s music is both contemplative and exploratory- ranging from subtle drone to melodic outburst and is created on both analogue and digital synthesizers, sequencers and effects. Basic electronic building blocks are treated as analogous to alphabet characters- another way of telling a story that is both in harmony and supplement to the written word. Each piece on the LP has it’s own special insert that expands upon the music through textual fragments and icon- detailing both instrumentation and basic meaning. The larger insert features an illustration by Matt Horak, whose drawings are scattered throughout.

    The second release on ‘Deep Distance’ -a synth / kraut themed side project to The Great Pop Supplement, and a wonderful album in beautiful black embossed sleeves released as a numbered edition of 250 copies on vinyl only.