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  • earthsurfers – ryderz of the wyld wave – deep tapes

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    earthsurfers is teddy skupien and alex gray.
    recorded in ted’s garage in oxnard, ca in 2009. nardcore/weed/beer influenced skate trash/thrash punk tape with sludgy riffage. perfect for shredding a pool in the summer time.
    an ode back to the days of 805 punk/hardcore heaviness, mixed with blistering doom vibes, shows/tapes are sure to be short, deadly spurts of pure brutality.
    limited to 100 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes in b&w paper sleeves designed by teddy & al.
    -deep tapes

  • olympus mons – aural alchemy – deep tapes

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    olympus mons is a mystery duo.
    aural alchemy is the result of sessions spanning late 2009. primitive instrumental communication between harmonium / synths / guitar / driftwood xylophone.
    limited to 25 tapes w/ full color j-cards designed by alex.

  • psychic handbook / holy strays – split – deep tapes

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    15 minutes in the sunshine: psychic handbook. a beat collaboration with alejandro archuleta & alex gray (deep magic, dreamcolour) exploring the sparkle laden future/dance/floor in their minds. as the club fades the sun comes out on the horizon; visions of sparkledancepsychbliss….

    15 minutes in the shadows: holy strays. sebastian forrester creates two perfect hazy, psychedelic dance floor drones in the dark & delivers hard basslines, slowly guiding yr mind to the shadows beneath the surface….

  • heat wave – empty head – deep tapes

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    heat wave is the newest addition to the deep tapes aural family. utilizing audio artifacts: past & present. hot, hot sun. need water. can’t breath. every breath choking, dry, cotton ball throat. audio/visual hallucinations setting in… dementia, dream, dance, bass, haze, flashbacks, death. limited to 50 individually labeled c30 tapes, with full color, cardstock j-cards …

  • gross bite – yod – deep tapes

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    deep tapes is proud to present a duo release from two amazing sound artists, on separate sides of the globe; coming together to create a minimal, cave-dwelling, percussive masterpiece. varying from swarms of metallic sheets of noise to airy, processed percussion workouts, these two craft a spacious album that conjures portraits of cyber-shamans and digital landscapes.

  • hobo cubes / lee noble/ derek rogers / rambutan – split – deep tapes

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    Music from 4 different, strange dimensions…

    Hobo Cubes is Frank Ouellette, a cat from Montreal who makes some unbelievable, space-age, mind floating sounds, runs the fantastic Hobo Cult Records & Moduli TV. Sleep Searchers is truly a trip to another planet…
    transcending the river:

    Lee Noble lives in Los Angeles and runs No Kings Records. Lee’s sound perfectly straddles a line of pop harmony, guitar freakout and synth drones in a very beautiful and interesting way. Lee’s work on this split is in this spirit…
    indian princess:

    Derek Rogers is amazing. This work feels very organic to me, and evolves in a very natural way. He seems to get more focused and natural with every recording I have the pleasure of hearing.
    behold, you have not understood (III):

    Rambutan is Eric Hardiman (Century Plants, Tape Drift). Eric’s sounds have a weight to them, a very heavy feeling, that’s deeply emotional, yet it maintains a playfulness that keeps it captivating. Enjoy immersing yourself in his world of guitar/synthesizer textures…
    unknown companion:

  • heat wave – dejected soul – heat rave

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    OH WHAT A DEJECTED SOUL I HAVE BEEN ……….. . . .. .. … . “I love hearing pitch-shifted vocals. Get the voice low or high enough and unique inflections are leveled — identity becomes ambiguous, accents become relatively indiscernible — and everyone kinda starts sounding the same. While it’s a way of deterritorializing and distancing, it also provides aesthetic continuity: listening to the very beginning of Heat Wave’s Dejected…