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  • dusted lux – firmamentum – diatom bath

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    Released on cassette by Diatom Bath Tapes
    Edition of 25 copies
    released January 15, 2016
    Recorded & produced by Lee Camfield
    Cover art & design by Brian Kinkade

  • deep magic / mohave triangles – split – diatom bath

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    Final release for Mohave Triangles & probably the last release of Deep Magic as well. This one was in the works for quite some time; so long that it has become a portal into the past, even better though a chance to once again come full circle.
    Diatom Bath has been slowly churning the waters for some time and with this release brings the end of these projects up to the surface & really pulls into question the idea of progression. Most importantly pushing forth the feeling to linger a little longer. To bath in this now. Sit in the meadow and watch this sun set today on these grasses and these flowers & these companions.

  • eheieh – oo chy me mae (cd version)- diatom bath

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    cdr version of c45 cassette release

    cd is 7 minutes longer than the cassette version.

  • eheieh – oo chy me mae – diatom bath

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    2 posters & a pin.

    limited to 30

    jeffry astin (xiphiidae, digital natives…) as eheieh.

    Stangely enough discogs refers to Jeff as the Xiphiidae ghost.
    And oftentimes it’s only a unintentional,random chain of events that connects you to jeff in the physical world.
    You get a sense of him like a specter showing up in dreams like a long lost friend that you find yourself running after calling their name. Appearing now and then in the side of your vision. Clarity though comes.

    This release touches more upon the slight grayness running through our visions. What starts out as a seemingly usual Digital Natives jam veers off course & though the undercurrents may feel similiar the sense that this is not a digital natives release becomes apparent….eheieh

    Gonna take a while to fully take this one in. The chaos is inherent but the slight manipulations, the slight shufflings of that chaos into something comprehensible is where it’s at.
    Much thanks to Jeff and Diatom Bath for working tirelessly to get this out.

  • i am just a pupil – i dont know yet – diatom bath

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    obscure release on local asheville label diatom bath.
    i want to hear more from this dude. parts of this tape are pretty great and it gets into some deep zones. at times a thick lofi amalagmation that touches upon more referenceable sounds but is able to maintain its own identity and sound.
    worthwhile listen for sure and ill be keeping an eye out for future releases

  • mannateas / sheets of paper / a.x. – diatom bath

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    limited to 30.
    three way split
    (mannateas) – jack bliss
    sheets of paper – “hit continue” snooze

  • issac willow – yellown – diatom bath

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    dbt. XXVI.

    brand new one from jeffrey astin(digital natives, xiphiidae, housecraft recordings)
    under his issac willow moniker.

  • deep toke – ripped out of your mind – diatom bath

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    this tape set on the tomentosa desk for some weeks. given to me with no other description than it’s a collaboration between two? not to be named parties.

    Finally threw it on one sunday afternoon as the sun gave way to dark gray clouds

    processed & straight horn & keyboards.
    starts replete with stoners coughing in the background of playful horn. You’re left definite wondering what kind of weed induced noodling you just got yourself into.
    Somewheres along the way you realize the weed really starts settling in and the initial weedy uncertainty and anxious energy slides away into these slow spaced out jams. Spaced out not in an intergalactic sense but allowing space between the sound and really finding a pretty sweet space to tread

    side two starts in similar territory but quickly throws itself into a frenetic jam pulsing and bubbling forward thru some serious haze.
    a good place to visit, vibes are thick.