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  • plankton wat – dawn of the golden eternity – dnt records

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    Debut solo LP by Dewey Mahood of Portland psych-jammers Eternal Tapestry. Ten songs recorded at the Owl House basement last winter on cassette 4-track. The LP encompasses a vast array of sounds and moods, from blissed-out drone punk rippers to super chill deep space folk. Total late night stoney textures, and radiant sun anthems. Acoustic and electric guitar, drums, banjo, mbira, and some singing, all mega tripped with syrupy analogy delay. Really beautiful heavy zoners. Hand drawn covers and insert by Dewmah. Edition of 500 on marbled red vinyl.
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  • deep magic – soul vibration – dnt

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    This hour-long ambient voyage will take you through time and space, float you past the constellations, and softly place you on a far distant planet where all of your troubles & worries are easily forgotten and every muscle in your body begins to slowly relax. Your only concern is for the moment the music stops, as you know it will catapult you back into reality. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed blue-shelled cassettes with cardstock covers designed by Mr. Gray.