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  • von himmel – rock n roll animal / traum esel – donkey disk

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    one summer when i was young i was enrolled in a swimming class at the local community pool. after all sorts of kickboarding and splashing about in the shallow end, it came time for us to try out our newfound skills in the deep end.
    Jump in we were told. I did as i was told and jumped in feet first and proceeded to sink down and down to the bottom of the pool and there i remained until my swimming teacher, fully clothed jumped in and swam down and pulled me back up spluttering to the surface.

    all that persists of that moment is vague memories of sodden clothes, blue sky sunshine, chlorine and the way the underside of the top of the water shimmers in the light when you look up from down deep.
    somehow this lp dropped me right into that memory of several decades ago; floating deep in the depths staring at a far away surface that shimmers in the light, vague memories and glimpses of times gone past float past.

    in other words this is an incredible burner from von himmel, venturing through darkness and light, etheral and grounded sounds. a journey perhaps but also a vantage point forcing one to at least acknowledge the moment and time you are in right now. A real gem. no sound samples. If you want to sit down and listen grab this one. recommended.

    descending hieroglyphics implicated by percussion fluctuations and multiphonic undergrowths of upended guitar hero sound diagrams in a prism of vacuous moon secretions; horizons unfold with tingling sparkles on a phosphorescent mossy riverbed in unseen hinterland tombs as our bodies melt with coursing streaks of sublimity in finite journeys vis-a-vis primordial birthdeath interplay. drawings by bart de paepe.
    lp, 2013