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  • e.c. brown and i’diamond – gothick reforme – earjerk

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    Everything just keeps getting darker and darker… It just must be time for this lost treasure to be unearthed. In 2001 someone gave me a cd-r. They said they knew I liked “strange music” and they thought I should have this. The cover art was a robed figure with a golden mask and the back of the cd-r had a similar female figure, posing with similar robes and a different mask. Both figures were set against a background of neon pink and yellow forest leaves. Somehow, despite the colors, there was something distinctly ominous about the artwork for this cd-r. And the same can be said of the sounds within. Truly ahead of it’s time, I had no frame of reference for this at this point in my life. I kept the cd-r mostly to myself; a secret revealed only to some. Very few were ready to except it’s slimy, sometimes oppressive atmospheres. It’s jarring, film score “scene changes”. And it’s mixture of Free(k) Folk, Noise and even Black Metal tendencies. Earjerk tracked down Mr. Brown and was stupified to learn that a mere 35 copies of this cd-r exsist! Well, no longer will this linger in dark corners of cardboard boxes and basement floors, subject to CD rot and digital decay. Earjerk has re-issued this wonder for all the world to hear. The original artwork has been lovingly re-formatted for cassette. Puke pink or yellow cassettes with two different covers. Buy this. Be the first to say you weren’t there

  • various – bright and dark light – the eternal lag – earjerk

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    4 cassette compilation (EJK-016) (4xc20+ in box) Sidelong pieces by 8 artists.
    Burial Hex, Sorc’henn, Drunjus, Crystal Dragon, Teeth collection, Black Sparrow, Pan to Scratch, Taikuri Tali.

    Each artist was asked to contribute a side long piece representing light or darkness. I gotta say, this one is heavy on the darkside… Sorc’henn – A Dozen Moons against the Sun – This is a soundtrack to a haunting. A wandering ghost floating through streets of drizzling rain. The groans of the not quite dead. A distant rumble of thunder is heard through a haze of lamentation. Regret, misery, and abandonment.. Teeth Collection – untitled – A metallic (in the literal sense) symphony starts out this piece. Activated and bowed metal sounds build to a frenzy as a bed of noise creeeeps in behind and gradually envelops the metal sounds creating a cold fog of swirling texture that is truly entrancing. Drunjus – Silo (version) – A deep gutteral drone created in a silo (designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright) and pitched down. Waaaay down. While we weren’t looking Pat Best of Pelt sneeked in and contributed gong flourishes. That didn’t make it in the liner notes, but it’s true! Thanks Patrick! Crystal Dragon – Sirens of Hyperspace – A total space odyssey! This is some dreamy analog synth action from the Dragon. Someone needed to shed a little light, so the Dragon steps up. Amethyst mountains rising from a pink bubbling haze of 50’s science fiction soundtrack sounds. Black Sparrow – untitled – A bit lighter now. Black Sparrow takes us on a flight above the clouds. As our shadow passes the moon we can hear below us a howling wolf chorus of analog synth. Burial Hex – untitled – A dark journey through scraping cemetery gates with rolling sarcophagi stones and bones Pan to Scratch – August 2008 V – Pan to Scratch presents us with another organic cassette composition. A true ‘Sound Sculpture’, this piece is a layering of tones upon tones. The original tone being inspired by a captured environmental ambiance and then enhanced with several moog drones. Once the initial drones were laid out, (layered over) a loose pattern began to emerge. This pattern was then used as a skeleton to build the piece, each successive layer adding to and changing the course of the pattern. This was repeated until the piece was ‘finished’, the tones gradually fading out and leaving only the original ambiance. Taikuri Tali – untitled – Spectacular contribution from these Finnish freakers! Taikuri Tali (here composed of Antti Tolvi, Peko Kappi and Niko-matti Ahti) contribute a piece so out there that I have No idea whats happening on this recording. What I Imagine: A weird squeak-toy, spring peeper drone with AM frequency fiddle and electronic bull roarer/Goose duo…then the elf dervishes start in and it just gets weirder from there…”.

  • the big drum in the sky religion – sha^ri va’ri – earjerk

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    The Big Drum in the Sky Religion has patched together a story quilt of 69 short minutes. Documenting a foray into their world. Several primal live events are blended seamlessly. Humans scream. Ancestors laugh. And they all dance and sing too the steadily unsteady drum. Infinite and eternal jams pound on through an air thick with sweat and electric hum. A fresh of breath air. To find even more simply fucked cd-rs, (as well as the cd-r version of ‘Sha^ri Va’ri’ with some extra music) check out their myspce your damn self. If you dare. Expect some exclusive T.B.D.I.T.S.R. tracks on the earjek label soon.