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  • kambang adzan ‎– floating call to prayer – eiderdown records

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    “This recording was made while living in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, around 1997 or 1998. Using a Sony DAT recorder and stereo microphone I had sought out the highest place where I lived to record one of the many thunderstorms that happen during monsoon season. I ended up recording on a rooftop where there were several caged and unhappy house-cats pleading with me (they can be heard on the recording) to let them out.
    I hit record and a few hours later, returned to collect my equipment. By happy coincidence I had also recorded the many Adzans, or call to prayers, from the nearby mosques. I hope you enjoy this aural slice of life from another time. “

  • zeta one – dreamsnake II – eiderdown records

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    Zeta One is Dawn Aquarius, one time member of Portland, MA’s Herbcraft and full-time illuminated artist. Dawn heard the siren call of Lake Michigan and high-tailed it to Chicago where she has since founded an institute of galactic witchery. “Dream Snake II” is her first manifestation of intent: haunted vocals burble thru synth and guitar, chanting ancient incantations from a cosmos yet to be discovered…

  • woven skull – emissions from sun bleached brains – eiderdown records

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    Irish trio Woven Skull (mandolina, guitar, drums) revel in sprawling takes on music of both this world and the sounds of the hollow hills …”Sun Bleached Brains” is a heady combo of live and field recordings, backyard gamelan, off-the-rails kosmiche jams, and their own take on Irish rural psychedelia.Woven Skull "Emissions From Sun Bleached Brains" by Woven Skull