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  • jeffry astin – Bhsaaveaegi – elestial sound

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    For over a decade now Jeffry Astin has been quietly tending to his labor and label of love: Housecraft. The cassette imprint has over 150 releases to it’s name, many of them from Astin himself under various aliases (Xiphiidae, Digital Natives) or in collaboration (Tricorn and Queue, Mannateas). Astin’s love for the cassette format runs deep, so when he feels compelled to cut something into vinyl instead we should pay close attention. Following other excellent releases on NNA Tapes, Aguirre Records, and Beer on the Rug, Astin makes his Elestial Sound debut on September 23rd with Bhsaaveaegi, an album he began recording back in 2001 and almost lost forever in a near fatal harddrive crash. The master files were miraculously recovered like some ancient and priceless artifact and preserved for the time being in a limited run vinyl edition.

  • kane pour – hyper pollen temple – elestial sound

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    1. Magic Tortoise 1:52

    2. Wooden Twin 5.44

    3. Frog’s Puzzle Box 4:29

    4. Aquarium Pinball 5:23

    5. Blue Chantrelle 6:59

  • he dog / high rule – chefs volume 1 – split – elestial sound

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    Chefs is an ongoing series of tape splits featuring various pairs of Elestial Sound artists and friends. Vol. 1 features sides from He Dog and High Rule. He Dog (aka Jazz Prison) is the solo synth project of Neal Mackowiak (tiger) and sounds sort of like early Kraftwork but if they were from Detroit. High Rule is a collaboration between Tristan Whitehill (turtleneck) of Euglossine and Alex Crook (v-neck)of MSNRA. They make lush, ambient hip hop beats perfect for an amazonian soak.-rotifer