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  • bastian void / three fourths tigers – designs for coloring – faux paux recordings

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    Split release from Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall, the two halves of Looks Realistic. Roots, leaves, moss and dirt. Each half is a distinct take on tape recording and manipulation, using synthesizers and sampling keyboards. Both sides were edited, mixed and arranged at Moss Archive, in the forest-valley of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

    On the first side we have moldy melodics and blown tape crumble from Bastian Void. Analog synthesizers bubble and rip the tape into a warm dust. You’ve sleepwalked into a secret science lab, hidden in the woods behind your house. You flip a switch. Recorded to 4-track summer 2011 in Worcester, MA.

    The flip side from Three Fourths Tigers offers up a broken screen of bright rainbows smeared with soil. Recorded to portable tape recorder on a camping trip. Computers tell you bedtime stories while keyboards play a glitched-out recounting of American pop music, until the batteries finally sputter to a halt. Some days, puffs of pink lint drift by. Other times, tar smears across your back yard while you’re trying to play flashlight tag.

    Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted tapes