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  • sashash ulz – the shadows of my cap-and-feather days – feathered coyote records

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    Two sides of languid, melancholic psychedelia from Sashash Ulz. Coming from the thriving Karelian underground scene, Sashash Ulz has released on a number of labels including Digitalis Limited, Full of Nothing, SicSic Tapes, Sweatlodge Guru and Hooker Vision, to name just a few.
    His work here fully unfolds itself when listened to alone and in the dark. Using subdued guitar tones throughout, this music will take you on a journey to some long-forgotten places of your psyche, a bit like Swann’s madeleine …

  • red cross stare – he stole my radar – feathered coyote records

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    richly textured, ambient electronics from this collaboration between Justin Wiggan (dreams of tall buildings, roadside picnic), Simon Osgathorp and Yvat.
    released 09 November 2012
    written, performed and recorded by:
    Simon Osgathorp
    Justin Wiggan
    and Yvat