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  • alan gesso – c39 – field studies

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    Step through into Alan’s world. Enrobed in his holographic panoply he glides through his garden as if digital liquid. Unperturbed he shears through the variable living surface of A/D converters that constitutes his visible realm into pure ROM space. Hands on the keyboard, he turns to smile, and you disappear.

  • golden donna / floating gardens – split – field studies

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    Golden Donna, the eminent analog giallo voyager, leaves the drum machines on standby as he makes the Q-jump to the next system. Detuned, emotive leads mark the contours of the ensuing stroboscopic passage, gently tensing inwards, only to relax outwards once more.
    Three energetic states discovered amongst the multiform chambers and biosystems of the Floating Gardens. Climbing the tone ladder to eco purity.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome

  • kyle landstra – field studies

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    Monumental, enraptured synthesizer drone pours from the hands of this young Midwestern healer. With simple tools Landstra pulls celestial chorales from background consciousness into presentness. Realized in the moment–both live and in solo reflection–these sessions of personal exploration are as devotional as they are elegiac, joyful as they are solemn. Composition through active meditation.
    Edition of 60, pro-dubbed on chrome

  • quicksails/floating gardens – split – field studies

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    Ben Billington (Tiger Hatchery, White Prism) continues to redefine the possibilities of sampled percussion in synthesizer-based composition. Passing abstract percussive chatters, errant frequencies, and synth incidents fill the stereo field, articulating 3D constructs that shift, accrete, and re-orient endlessly
    ///Quiet environmental vignettes and dancing, staccato melodies. Envisioning Eco-Purity.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome
    -field studies

  • lunar miasma – field studies

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    Two long-form reflections on heavy, cosmic synth immersion from Athens, Greece-based Panos Alexiadis. Rather than drifting through the void, his focused, circling analog figures turn inward, suggesting new frontiers not of empty unknown but for expanded personal consciousness. Outer space as inner mantra.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome.