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  • gardener / ivy meadows – fluere tapes

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    The sinuous plumage of Poemandre’s humid unfurlings billow from electrified living waters of life into flourescent healing aquafers within!
    released April 22, 2016

    Fluere Tapes 07

    Side A;
    gardener is dash lewis
    recorded spring 2015 in chicago, il
    voice, looper, guitar pedals, and kyle landstra’s juno 106 synthesizer.
    thanks to kyle, colin, rae, lee, and you.

    Side B;
    Ivy Meadows “Hidden Landscapes”
    All songs recorded at home in Brooklyn, NY by Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows) between May- December 2010 using Korg Delta, Novation Bass Station, Roland Juno-60, Boss RPS-10 & Dr. Rhythm 110

  • ylangylang & celine bion / inner travels – fluere tapes

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    limited edition of 24
    Voltaged echo’s of succor dust cinder blocks into pink meto thoracic pigments for rejunivative wheels of butterfly rehabilitation clinics!

    Fluere Tapes 06 Split Cassette Tape Release

    A Side
    YlangYlang & Celine Bion “Golden Teachers”
    Jam recorded July 2015

    B Side
    Inner Travels “Joyful Awakening”
    All sounds made with a Waldorf Blofeld, flavored by Vox DelayLab & Behringer UB1204FX-Pro. Recorded & produced 6/6-6/12/15 at The Corner Room, Lake Geneva, WI.

  • strange mountain – recollection fuckup – fluere tapes

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    A rosaceae of beauty climbing, falling back into the avant garden while invoking shifting planes of silt & purity, suffering & succour.
    released 06 December 2014

    Written and Performed by Strange Mountain
    Between June and July 2014 Jakarta Indonesia
    Recorded by M. Thee
    Artwork by Andhika Muksin
    Cassette Layout by Liz Pavlovic

    Fluere Tapes 03

  • cloudsound – s/t – fluere tapes

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    Little houses of paper made of pulp and water afloat on and dissolving back into the water again.

    Honest Bag ~
    Subsequent to the flowers going up in smoke, resplendent clouds billow resulting in a welter of variegated sonic energy orbiting the starry mind endlessly. Crystal-covered ragas; kind jams; meditative hymns; outer zone seekers – this tape has it all.

  • grand mal – bashful moon – fluere tapes

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    limited edition of 16

    Invocations of a mother moon, father soil, mists & spirit of nature murmurations echoing from within the belly of steal string guitar.
    released 22 November 2014

    Portland, Oregon Spring/Summer 2014
    For Mona
    All songs written and performed by Jordan Anderson
    Photos LB