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  • tikhie kamni – zemli – full of nothing

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    White cassettes pro-dubbed at Go Tape, Russia, with ascetic design by Anya Kuts screen-printed on thick cardstock by Karelia’s finest printers – Workshop Sect. Limited edition of 50 copies

    A duo of Anastasia Tolchneva (Lovozero) and Fedor Pereverzev (Moa Pillar) have recorded “Zemli” (“Lands”) hiking, making field recordings and improvising while on the road – and what a soulful ambient record it is!

    No status, no background, no ego, no bullshit. Heartfelt folk vistas make way for ethereal Cocteau Twins-style cuts, deep drones, aural accidents and minimalist piano. These songs are sonic diaries of young people exploring Russia’s valleys and hills, rivers and lakes. Not intended for a release, the personal recordings possess that strange magic lots of “psychedelic collage” records lack.

    Anastasia and Fedor are no strangers to audio-production, though. Pereverzev’s Moa Pillar project is one of the Russian scene’s best-kept secrets – he makes that kind of eerie bass music that’s rooted in song and dipped in power ambient. Tolchneva’s solo act Lovozero is a different beast whatsoever: think beats with digital sheen and Russian folk song.

    Tikhie Kamni is a true gem – quiet, intimate and easy to miss. Music made for no one that can be enjoyed by anyone.

  • hmot – barricades – full of nothing

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    White cassettes pro-dubbed at Go Tape, Russia, with ascetic design by Anya Kuts screen-printed on thick cardstock by Karelia’s finest printers – Workshop Sect. Limited edition of 50 copies

    Modular synthesizers meet meticulously-crafted minimal house and techno from Siberia – Hmot’s finest work to date.

    Hmot aka Stanislav Sharifullin hails from Lesosibirsk (the city name literally translates “forest + Siberia”). Stanislav used to run Gimme5, the Russian label responsible for shaping local Beats-scene. He then created a dark masterpiece “Lost in Taiga” with Nocow and has deliberately kept his profile rather low except releases such as “Oneirology” EP. Nowadays Hmot runs an impeccable tape label Klammklang and is producing a few music festivals in Siberian towns of Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

    Tags like “local”, “shadowy” & “organic” seem to be the guiding principles for Hmot. “Barricades” EP feels like taiga, an endless barren area punctuated by pines and spruces. Hum and buzz of strange modular trajections meet piano + string samples and field recordings layered over hard-panned clickety-clack techno and house templates.
    released 30 March 20

  • suokas – being – full of nothing

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    Minimal. Deep as fxxk. Hypnotic. «Being» must be the best slab of techno ever produced in Karelia. This album is warm, dubby, and what’s best, seemingly endless. The cassette is 58 minutes long, with one track clocking well over 20 minutes. We can’t be sure how exactly Suokas has come up with this magic because it’s too well varied for a tape: there is space for ghostly oscillations and vocoded speech, lush cinematic pads and kinky cowbell shuffle. Yet it’s incredibly straightforward and simple. At times terrifyingly funky.

    The lighter part of the album (Chapters 1 & 3) was recorded as a soundtrack for perfume, the idea being to reflect the diffusion of smell through music. The darker tracks (Chapters 2 & 4) are connected to nothingness. ‘nuff said.

    Sergey Suokas has made a name for himself in minimal techno circles with 12 inches on Pro-Tez / MultiVitamins / Metroline labels and has also proved how far he’s willing to go to break free of tags: film music with fellow Norwegian heads Mental Overdrive and Aggie Peterson, fragile ambient drift under Slow guise, far-out glitchy laptop explorations, finally escaping civilization and living without electricity in the Ural region…

    Back into his sharpest shape, Suokas is on the roll with heavy-hitting minimal mutations: several vinyls are already scheduled for release after this cassette. «Being» will earworm its way into yr skull and refuse to let go.

    White cassettes have been pro-dubbed at Go Tape, Russia, with classy ascetic design by Anya Kuts screen-printed on thick cardstock by Karelia’s finest Workshop Sect. Ultra limited edition of 50 copies, with instant download of the digital album and/or download coupons.

  • gnod / bear bones, lay low – split – full of nothing

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    English psych-heads Gnod meet the Venezuelan stoner Bear Bones, Lay Low to produce a split tape of gorgeous neo-kraut trails and class freakdom.

    Gnod have been on fire lately with such vital works as the $&$ split and “Dwellings & Druss” which put them even further away from the pointless tags one might attempt to apply to their sound and vision. Guess you just gotta believe the folks when they say “psych tech” now! But just before that the devotees of the Manchester collective had been devouring heavy industrial rock riffage with choking vocals and some strange form of kraut-rock. With a constantly rotating line-up Gnod have always been a wicked live band who can shake stages all over Europe. Let’s look at what we have here: Gnod team have blessed Full of Nothing with a 21-minute instrumental slow-burner in the essential kraut fashion. Recorded & mixed at their spiritual home, Islington Mill, “The Choice of a Nubian Generation” features upbeat spiritual organs snaking in starry-eyed electronics and guitar dubs, while a motorik drum beat is pounding its way to heaven. Gnod from Gnod, light from light.

    Bear Bones, Lay Low is the solo guise of Ernesto González, who is no stranger to collective freakout being a key member of the seminal Sylvester Anfang II. The Venezuelan musician currently residing in Belgium knows his riffs alright but those who didn’t sleep on his supreme records on KRAAK, Sloow Tapes etc. are aware of the fact that the gentleman does his synth homework as well. While various Bear Bones, Lay Low material may sound like bold mystical sonic statements there is always a tad of goofy playfulness complimenting the vibe. Recorded onto a cassette 4-track in Venezuela and Spain the B side of this split is heavy on analog synth blobs, found sound and comes highly entertaining. But hey, throw in some jolly piano minimalism, lo-fi wash of spirited South American drones and distorted guitar workouts! While pushing himself aside from the awesome singsong witch dance moments of “El Telonero” LP, Bear Bones, Lay Low maintains his sonic persona and masterfully executes his side.

  • imperfect masters – this humanly mess: music of el cerrito for clarinet and boot, vol. #23 – full of nothing

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    well, here we are in this humanly mess – me and dan plonsey surveying canyon trail park under a crescent moon – when we see petty doggerel coming down the trail – he has his bagpipes – he gets to the pond and begins to charm the frogs. plonsey grabs his clarinet of magic and horton the celestial boot – and we start jamming under the bamboo w/the doggerel and the frogs – the frogs who had been dying out all over the world and for sure dying in el cerrito – till the frogman came and uh silted the concrete – cause you know the city paves the ponds and streams to keep them clean. and frogman, barn-owl-who-confronts-the-daylight, the 4 teenage red tail hawks, petty doggerel, steve, anna, eve and daisy, horton and plonsey and the frisbee gang we don’t like this none – so we charm the place, and the shadows and highlights come alive. peter’s ghost takes on substance as we play another creepy melody in this the final hour, as we contemplate our mortality, happiness, and lack of money.

    Robert Horton
    Aug 2011
    written at the wrathful luminosity
    diamond throne retreat place,
    El Cerrito, CA 94530

  • edward sol / husnaan / tidal /sparkling wide pressure – day’s arc #2 – full of nothing

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    The second installment in the label’s “Day’s Arc” series gathers 4 sonic artists from Ukraine, Indonesia, the UK and the USA. These carefully chosen minds provide 15-minute long pieces to accompany different times of day. Edward Sol, Husnaan, Tidal and Sparkling Wide Pressure ensure this cassette makes your day!

  • nathan mclaughlin / prayer – dawn chorus – full of nothing

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    “There is a natural progression to things, an organic or unforced way for an organism to grow, and it is in this natural way we find ourselves riding. After years of playing and recording together as Loud & Sad, we now have a great geographic distance between us that makes this process impossible on any sort of regular schedule. While there is still much to share from those years and the years ahead, the dawn chorus tape you hold here is the first new organism to grow out of this whale fall… the slow change in Loud & Sad that signaled the start of new lives. An almost collaboration on a shared concept… a sharing of life together despite distance… a continued exploration of music done together and apart… a realization of the connections people have and should not sever… an effort at being transparent in concept and true in spirit.

    Immediately after this split was brought to life it became apparent early on that our past failures to bring a well devised concept into the physical realm could come back to us again. Instrument restrictions, graphic scores,stylization… we scurried back to our dark corners. Stress and mania and alcohol, locked doors, a yearning for the tape deck upstairs. Tape going bad and breaking, saturday clarity, hero worship. Synthesis exhaustion, cynical music critiques, restraining the self importance. Transparent presentation… here lies dawn chorus.” Black tapes, see-through J-cards, hand-numbered. Edition of 100.

  • surburban howl – lady hate – full of nothing

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    Cellos made out of goat skulls await for the right hour to come while a devilish Amazon gives orders to her slaves. A crowd of gnomes commit mass suicide. Freak mutants make attemps to play funeral folk but their ugly paws barely hit the right chords. Yet there’s some hidden order in all this chaos. The listener will find the Italian collective in an unusual shape. Somehow, the industrial noise walls have disapperead; there are more acoustic instruments. Crooked improv. Thick, raw and damaged free folk. Out for blood. Cassettes with full-colour J-cards and stickers. Edition of 69.

  • polypus sapiens – sleeper in the valley- full of nothing

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    full of nothing 01
    Debut tape from Southern Russia. One man from a rural city records lovely bedroom folkish psychedelia with the simplest means. Gentle and thoughtful 30+ minute work filled with pure bliss. Pro-dubbed tapes wrapped in A3 posters. 75 copies.