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  • glou glou – fey flight founders – full spectrum records

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    Bay Area duo glou glou return to Full Spectrum for their sophomore
    release, fey flight founders. Comprised of Mills College alum Gretchen Jude and Arjun Mendiratta – a.k.a. subnaught – the duo has
    become a quiet force on the Full Spectrum roster, pairing computers
    and electronics with koto, violin and found objects to create their unique brand of improvisational ambience.

    Following on from their 2014 debut, hymn her hum, this latest work
    eschews the glitchy minimalism that defined their earlier sessions, opting instead for a more open sonic palette that is eminently human, yet utterly unfamiliar.

    fey flight founders begins with glou glou’s human components front and center. Mendiratta’s violin takes the lead, with Jude’s wordless vocals creeping around the edges. A glistening mosaic falls into place, which the duo proceeds to digitally deconstruct. Gradually, the familiar is transformed into the otherworldly; acoustic resonance transposed to plastic worlds operating on their own alien biological logic.

    The session comes up for air at the midway point, with Jude’s koto providing an anchoring point in our world. Like a cybernetic spring, however, the organic is once again subsumed and assimilated. Walls of pulsating drone and chirping sonics emerge from the silicon soup, giving way to cavernous sub-bass and splintered loops, which see the session through to its ultimate conclusion.

    glou glou describes their music as ‘the birdsong of the future,’ and fey flight founders sees them coming a few steps closer to realizing that vision.

  • rin larping – stratum – full spectrum records

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    The product of many years of solo performance and improvisational practice, STRATUM centers on Lindsay’s electric guitar, voice and signature bass clarinet, which she loops and processes via a battery of guitar pedals. Hers is a decidedly lo-fi approach to be sure, but the results are striking in their immediacy, settling into the shared zone that falls between noise, free music and ecstatic, everlasting drone.

    The album opens unassumingly with the shamanic thrum of ORO before diving headlong into the abyss of ANYEN, layering and dilating Lindsay’s clarinet into a seasick blur. PITI and FE MAL – the album’s shortest selections – offer a moment of calm stability as they revolve in place like delicate sonic mobiles. The final thrust, however, puts the focus on Lindsay’s six-string, which she plays using a deconstructed musical vocabulary that is all her own.

  • dibson t hoffweiler – oakland to sebastopol – full spectrum records

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    Dibson T Hoffweiler is a man on the move. Before his stint in the Bay Area, Dibson was a fixture in the New York Anti-Folk scene of the turn of the century. His recent move to Sebastopol, a small rural town in Northern California, prompted this new album, which we are proud to feature as the latest installment for our Editions Littlefield sub-label.

    As the careful reader might guess from the title, one half of Oakland to Sebastopol was recorded in Oakland, the other half in Sebastopol, each side front-loaded with an upper-harmonic-exploring “Enneagram Study.” Occasionally, rural soundscapes or roommates rummaging through the kitchen will weave their way through Hoffweiler’s pastoral finger-picking. Oakland to Sebastopol is emotionally charged and sentimental without giving in to overwrought saccharinity.

    Hoffweiler’s guitar playing is agile and considered, his straight-forward song structures emphasize his technical skills without being overpowered by them. First the time on his solo guitar material, he is joined on select pieces by instrumentalists Sarah Stanley and Andrew Weathers providing simple adornment to the already lush sound.

    On Oakland to Sebastopol, Hoffweiler captures the fleeting, intimate moments that give meaning to our rote, daily activities with a delicate touch and sensitivity not quite equalled among the current crop of young American Primitive revivalists.
    released April 1, 2016

    Dibson T Hoffweiler – guitar and compositions

    Sarah Stanley – flute
    Andrew Weathers – synthesizer

    “Walking from MacArthur” improvised by DTH and SS

    All Sebastopol tracks recorded at Laguna Farm by DTH, November-December 2015.
    All Oakland tracks recorded at the Ridgeway House and Second Dream, Oakland, CA by DTW and AW

    Mixed and Mastered by AW
    Artwork by Gretchen Korsmo

    Thank you, AW and SS.

    Dedicated to:
    the friends I live with at Laguna Farm and the friends I lived with at the Ridgeway House, whom I hope to live with once again.

  • jakob pek – emptiness smiles – full spectrum records

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    In the time since we released his first album – Open Mystery – Pek attended the venerable Mills College in Oakland, CA, where he studied with notable luminaries of the American avant-garde Fred Frith and William Winant. That experience triggered a fundamental transformation in Pek’s approach to improvisation and performance. Whereas Open Mystery provided a comprehensive examination of the American Primitive style championed by his former teachers, Emptiness Smiles expands out from that center, incorporating more diverse instrumentation and an evolved sense of both rhythm and texture.

    Recorded and mixed in sessions with FS Fam Aaron Oppenheim and Andrew Weathers, the album was assembled from hours of live studio improvisation. Four recordings have been chosen for this release, each honing in on different aspects of Pek’s current practice. Piano meditations, deconstructed blues riffs and percussive explorations of the guitar itself are all on display here, providing an evocative follow-up to his debut; and an album which serves as an intriguing document of a vital young artist operating at the fringes of American experimentalism.

  • sarah davachi – the untuning of the sky – full spectrum records

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    Sarah Davachi is a composer steeped in the electronic music tradition. Not only did she study at electronic music hub Mills College, she completed post-grad programs at STEIM and Banff. The work on The Untuning of the Sky reflects her pursuits. Every piece on this record is sculpted, carefully considered, a distillation even. Davachi makes a point to seek out rare and unique synthesizers and keyboard instruments – The Untuning… features sounds from ARP, Buchla, Serge and a Mellotron. She gets to know her instruments intimately, offering us concentrated synthesizer timbres slowly circling around each other, fragments of melodies occasionally bubbling above the surface.

    Though she has been active in the Bay Area music scene, The Untuning of the Sky is Davachi’s first official release. Full Spectrum is very excited to be the first to bring you this unique voice in contemporary electronic music.

    The Untuning of the Sky is available as a limited-edition pro-dubbed cassette with digital download. Available on June 25, 2013.
    released 25 June 2013
    All tracks performed and recorded by Sarah Davachi

    ARP Odyssey, Buchla 100, Korg PS-3300, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, and Serge modular synthesizers / Mellotron M400 / harmonium

    recorded between April 2011 and September 2012
    Berkeley, Calif., USA / Mills College, Oakland, Calif., USA / Otic Sound, Vancouver, BC, Canada / Cantos Music Foundation, Calgary, AB, Canada