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  • thought broadcast – demo I – gel

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    The debut release of Thought Broadcast, Ravi Binning’s minimal monosynth punk band. Four songs–this is the band in its most raw and nascent state–freshly generating within the strictures of neurotic action both human and inhuman. A simple strategy for moving among living holograms

  • 51717 – sch – gel tapes

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    Fusions of sounds rarely occur with success without it turning into world-class garbage. Fortunately, “Sch” is a rare success indeed as 51717 brings out the best of the east and the west. The tracks appear like romantic synth reflections of anonymous Hong Kong cinema music, while taking advantage of the ambient possibilities of synthetic electronics. “Sch” is a beautiful and confounding amalgamation of digital and analog song.

  • evan miller – contacting the eye – gel tapes

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    The folk instrument may sound abandoned, but these very clean compositions from Evan Miller display a different instrumental integrity. Melody is stripped away which reveals very focused arrangement of harmonics and drones that live in the now. These tracks offer something invaluably refreshing from this traditionally finger-plucking performer.