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  • robedoor – hopeless transformation – goaty tapes

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    Edition of 100 copies. Hand-cut labels with hand-stamped, cut, and numbered inserts.

  • treetops / dan marino – split – goaty tapes

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    Edition of 100 on imprinted shells with hand-cut inserts and inside folds.

  • standard premiums – check reality – goaty tapes

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    Check Reality is not about social welfare; it’s a byproduct. Americans think the Dole is a kind of banana. Australians think the Dole is a reason to make music during the workday. What happens when people stop getting real and start chilling out? These are important political questions.

    Recorded in Northcote, Victoria near the 86 tram stop for Town Hall. Snare drum, guitar, bass, odds and ends, microphones, occasional laughter. Songs of laziness, melancholy, social (in)security. Recorded to four-track and dictaphone. “Got the dic”—Michael. September, 2011.

  • 苏维埃·波普 / soviet pop – record of adventures in the spider hole – goaty tapes

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    Recorded by Li Qing & Li Weisi at Rose Mansion Analog, Beijing. Inside the first Ring Road. Korg MS-20, modular synthesizer, floor tom, microphone.

    Soviet Pop let you choose between compositions and songs. This is a tape of songs, dark, minimal, and pedestrian. They even have names like “Worldview Song” and “Samurai Song.” Li Weisi does simple, groovable bass passages and stoic baritone vocals. Li Qing does rhythmic static, noise-generator backgrounds, timbrel burps. Coco Chanel used to say, “before you release your tape, look in the mirror and take three things off.”

  • touch of poison – moat – goaty tapes

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    Recorded in Gent near Sint-Pieters train station. Casio & Yamaha keyboards, tapes, spoken words, pre-set beats, free downloadable software & four-track. Dark melodies, terse lyrics, fours on the floors.

    Matthew Hopkins and I knew each other from USA/AUS. We ended up in Belgium at the same time. March 2012, it was particularly cold and dark quite early. Matthew was not interested in hanging out with University coeds. We ate frittes and watched The Raven. We liked the quiet, medieval inertness of the city. We also liked the goofiness of the old castles and stone streets. There was something not believable, almost comedic, the Atlantis Pavilion at Sea World. I don’t think we really understood. The recordings took on these dimensions: dark, still, a little ridiculous. The nacht winkel (night shop), tourists, guillotines, talking birds, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb.

  • anthrax frankenstein / chang rider – goaty tapes

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    Two collaborations from Yogyakarta and Bandung. Anthrax Frankenstein play slomo pop songs, overamplified and underperformed. Guitar, vocals, noise. Sometimes the guitars sound despondent. Sometimes the noises “twinkle.”

    There’s a lotta caveman here—indecipherable passages, volume fluctuations—a D.G.A.F. attitude with the middle finger in the extreme foreground. At some point the singer starts dissing harsh noise. But the songs are so forlorn and reticent that you end up commiserating with these guys. Are they pissed or just depressed?

    Chang Rider play marginally faster, marginally cleaner rock/pop songs with marginally more sophisticated instrumentation. Snare drum, floor tom, microphone, synthesizer, and piano. Sometimes the singers change, sometimes the piano sounds “jazzy.”

  • mole house – demo – goaty tapes

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    Early demo recordings from Melbourne’s Mole House. Some real songs with drums and guitars and singing. Some fake songs as well.

  • emuul – waiting for winter – avant archive

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    Emuul’s Kyle Iman is a quiet champion of quietness. His works to date have exhibited this kind of subtle presence wherein time slows down a little and reference points are not easily set. Often working with synthesizers, some of Emuul’s most effective pieces have been those in which the least movement occurs. On Waiting for Winter, Iman eschews his synthesizers in favor of the electric guitar and some variation on his synthetic stasis. This album’s side-long introduction, “Blurring the Nights” is a terrifically dynamic piece that stretches from the quiet guitar hum you might recognize into a frantic sonic mantra, culminating in the integration of some expert guest drumming. On the B-side Kyle airs it out a bit with four short pieces that set more somber moods. Naturally driven guitars are dipped in equal parts delay and reverb. With these airs, Emuul returns to the kind of stasis that you might have recognized from his past excursions, but perhaps these are his most successful pieces yet. Not only do they captivate and affect the slowing of time, they’re also incredibly sweet and natural sounding, fully identifiable and earnest. Here is simply a man playing guitar simply, with no shroud of mystery or murk. Waiting for Winter is a guitar album and it demonstrates that the success of this

  • banana head / rosemary krust – split – goaty tapes

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    Banana Head and Rosemary Krust obsess over the basic structures of popular music, deconstructing the same formulas until they dissolve into reflective plainness. Banana Head nods to the wedding ballad, schmatlz indulged to the point of confusion, eagerness and imprudence, a distant relative way too old to be that hammered bleeding an oldie-but-a-goodie into monotone. Rosemary Krust draws out the essentials of guitar-drums-keys, abstracts, flattens them into hissing post-pop atmospherics. Paired up like two Moby Dicks of dopeness.

  • vincent over the sink – bible bashers – goaty tapes

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    Kept on the low for several years now, VOTS have released a couple short gems exclusively in their native Australia. Bible Bashers is their American debut, channeling post-post punk cynicism and modernist anxiety ala Lambkin and the Ring, not to mention their ancestral Xpressway slog. Deeply religious, these two extended pieces, composed of several sections each, meander between structured bedroom monotony and bunkbed-nightmare dirge. Features members of Naked on the Vague.