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  • autumus – exit with a fall – golden cloud tapes

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    ziked to have Golden Cloud’s second tape be a full scale intimate and hypnotic minimal wave release from Autumus. Ivan Undintsev is the solo wanderer / magician behind this project, and he sure does bring an amazing follow up to the Nox Noctis Leo tape released on the wonderful label Living Tapes from LA. The songs on this tape can be just as much amazingly uplifting as it can be haunting especially with Ivan’s frightened and enchanting vocals above wonderfully picked rhythm’s and beautiful melody’s. This tape is a longer one (C58), and thats killler because it’s real easy to get sucked in and keep flipping, or just as nice to take in a side at a time. Definitely been listening to this non-stop and totally stoked to help bring another release from Autumus to listeners. This tape has been especially great while walking / wandering around during winter this year in Madison. Limited to 100 copies on pro dubbed, and imprinted high bias chrome tapes with pro printed j-cards.
    Golden Cloud

  • bitchin bajas – krausened – golden cloud tapes

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    Beyond excited to offer up a cassette version of the new Bitchin Bajas EP properly titled “Krausened”. The other version being a limited 12″ from Permanent Records that is now sold out.
    Cooper Crain and Dan Quinlivan are two of my favorite midwestners, and together they have been writing some of the highest quality kosmische / krautrock type music happening right now. Timeless journeys through a stereo field of pure transcendental sound. On “Krausened” that sound has been arranged in the form of two side long tracks, both written, recorded, and mixed with great precision. Top-notch material that doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Bitchin Bajas full length to be released on Drag City mid-July.
    Cover artwork by Jeremy Kannapell.

  • dinner music – kissing cousins – golden cloud tapes

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    This new album from Rick Weaver aka Dinner Music is hard to explain, much like other releases from him. Both sides spill out fierce melodies that slowly become suspended over skeletal rhythms a few feet above already fluttering sounds. All ideas morph and disperse where you would least expect it.
    Rick Weaver manages to layer and play a ton of instruments including organ, piano, tapes, percussion, etc. and create this complete bizarre world of outsider music. A type of world that is so hard to express through words, and with that being said i highly recommend this tape, or any other from him. Both “Kissing Cousins” and his recent tape “Tomb of Womb” on Bathetic Records are quickly becoming some of my favorite things i’ve heard in recent times.
    Limited to 100 pro-duplicated high bias chrome tapes with imprinting. Each tape comes with hand cut, hand stamped J cards, and an insert created by the artist himself.
    Expectations are out, and experiences are taking over. Add this to your collection and submit to a 31 minute trip into the lawless world of Dinner Music.

  • mark bradley – temple music – golden cloud tapes

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    After a two year hiatus, im stoked to finally release the third Golden Cloud tape; Mark Bradley “Temple Music”. It was originally released as a cdr back in 2011, but unfortunately was very limited. Temple Music is not just the album title, but also the idea and the aesthetic.
    Mark creates such wonderful ambient / electronic music that can really pull you into another world, but what’s really impressive is how he manages to do it with such a minimal amount of layers, which is uncommon among a lot of drone / ambient music.
    All fifteen tracks from the album play out with so much more life by allowing the ears to have more breathing room rather than being buried in sound. That breathing room can then enable the music to interact with your surroundings and seem to almost play along. Between the moody ambient drifting and uplifting piano melodies, some beat driven tracks appear and give the album such great balance.
    This tape is a great addition to any MB collection, or any cassette collection in general. Limited to 100 pro-duplicated high bias chrome tapes with imprinting. Inserts and J-cards all pro-printed and hand cut.

  • grapefruit – blurred tunnels – golden cloud tapes

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    Excited to be able to release a new tape from Charlie Salas Humara aka Grapefruit. ‘Blurred Tunnels’ has such a calming and blissful vibe throughout, and it flows wonderfully. I believe a lot of that has to do with how precisely all of the parts are mixed, and how each new phrase interacts. Analog voyages down colorful waterfalls of blissed out arpeggiations and skillful key shred, where each new song gets to meet the past and welcome it to the future.

  • samantha glass – secret parking lot- golden cloud tapes

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    This new project is the documentation of Beau Devereaux (Anvil Dome, Inyan Kara, Second Family Band) curating from different projects of the past couple years and finding a sound/place somewhere in the middle to call home. Stretching out to work with new instruments including drums and guitar and adding to it with the use of keys and bass, while adding elements of am/fm/ and hamm radios, vcr’s, field recordings etc. Staying in a free form textural area while adding structures and intricate changes within the songs . Somewhere between a tangled mess of dirty outsider rock and trance style pop, with touches of darkness, dronescapes, and more. Secret Parking Lot was recorded between May and July of 2010, in a beautiful country house of WI. This tape is dedicated to the search for finding the secret spot to rest and drift from the daily/life tasks that can chain the soul and life of humans from remaining free spirited. Limited to 100 pro dubbed and pro imprinted high-bias chrome tapes. Pro printed , hand cut, and hand stamped J cards and inserts.
    Golden Cloud 001
    – golden cloud